Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Brielle's 5 month photoshoot!

She's still a sick girl, but she pulled out some smiles and made the 5 month sock monkey photoshoot happen for you all today. That's my girl! :-)

Comparing last month to this month it *looks* like her face is slimming down, but it could  just be the way she can sit up better now.

I'm so glad so did the pointer finger sucking today, because it's the perfect way to document her 5 months ...she just LOVES that finger! :-)

It was so cute because I kept pulling her hand down (trying to get a picture of the 5 month sticker!) and she'd just giggle and giggle and put that finger right back in her mouth! She even had two of them in there at one time!

Let's see, for "stats" she is 15lbs 15 oz (as of her doctor appt. on Monday--fully  clothed). She's in size 3 diapers and she's a solid size 6 month for clothes. Depending on what it is she can still wear a few 3-6 month things, mostly 6 month things, a few 6-9 month things, and 6-12 month things are still quite big on her, but she can wear 6-12 month dresses and they're just kinda baggy. She has enough hair now to solidly hold in her little hair  bows, which is super exciting.

She isn't rolling yet. Raya started rolling somewhere during her  5th month, so I bet Brielle will do the same. My girls are a little lazy on the gross motor stuff, but it's mostly my fault b/c I rarely do tummy time. They have both hated their bellies and if I'm being honest I really don't want them to roll any earlier than necessary because I've heard too many stories of babies dying of SIDS shortly after learning to roll and rolling to their bellies in their sleep. So I'm totally happy saving the rolling for later haha. Our current goal for the month is sitting unassisted. That was my goal for Raya at this time too...I really wanted her to be able to sit  on her own by the time she had her 6 month professional photos done. Raya learned to do it about a week before her pictures! Hopefully Brielle can figure it out too. Today she was able to sit for about 5 seconds....but she's so wiggly and loves to kick so she always ends up making herself fall over haha.

Brielle is currently breastfeeding about half the time, and bottles the other half. I'm trying to switch her to formula --mainly so I can switch to a different medicine for my arthritis because it's not good to be on prednisone long term. But also b/c I find it "easier" to bottle feed when I'm out and about and especially if we end up moving soon it'll be nice for others to be able to feed her/babysit, etc. The trouble  is that when we're at home it is sooooo much easier to nurse! No bottles to clean and I don't have to get up at night with her b/c I can just lay her in bed and she can graze all night, buffett style ;-P So yeah, we might do the 50/50 for awhile.

Brielle is such a happy, smiley baby. She smiles at everyone! When I take her in public we always end up with strangers coming up to me saying "she's just been smiling at me like crazy from across the room" etc. etc. She loves to laugh too. It was so cute b/c this morning actually Raya made her laugh for the first time. Raya always says "sissy's cute" and "I kiss sissy" and " I pick"--meaning she wants to pick her up. She just loves her.

Today Raya grabbed  sock monkey, threw it to the ground, and said "no! Ray-Ray sit!"

I think that's about it for "stats" this month! Happy 5 months baby girl--I'm so lucky to be your Mama! I couldn't have asked for two better kids than what I got--and adorable to boot!

And not to leave Raya out, here are some pics of her this AM too

We're back to potty training today--take 2. Ugh, I never should have slacked while we were gone this weekend--today has been like day 1 all over again. She had 4 accidents this morning and one was a giant pee fest on the playroom carpet. I mean, talk about a smack in the face. My hands risked their lives trying to save that same patch of carpet just last week! (Read the poop-tastic entry from earlier if you missed that story LOL)....and apparently my poor hands suffered in vain because I'm going to have to shampoo that carpet now anyways. Ugh.

I mean, even Brielle was completely disgusted by Raya's lack of decorum.

All you baby Mamas, enjoy them while they are this cute and sweet! Because trust me, they grow up and before you know it they are 2--the terrible 2s (no joke!)--and they're peeing their pants and you're catching turds in your bare hands in your free time, all while they scream "No Mama!" or "I do it!" in your ear all day long haha.

If only they stayed this sweet :-)


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  1. Happy 5 months Brielle. I love her smile. Good luck on potty training, we haven't started yet cause I haven't been feeling well, so hopefully by next week we'll try and start

  2. I'm sooo glad Brielle is smiling again!!! She is just so darn cute!!! That Raya is going to be something else!!!!
    Grama F


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