Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dare to Compare

So, it's been awhile since I've done any comparison photos for Raya and Brielle. You probably all remember the crazy cool comparison photo I did when Brielle was first born. (Raya is on the left, Brielle on the right--both wearing the same hat and only a day or two old. They looked like the same baby!)

For quite awhile in the beginning I (along with most everyone else) thought I had pretty much birthed a Raya clone. But slowly as time passed we began to notice more and more differences. Not only  do they have very different personalities, but Brielle has over time began to look a little more like me. When we go out with the girls we still have everyone comment on how they look so much alike, and they are definitely sisters, but Raya looks like a carbon copy of Lee and his mom, while Brielle has my blue eyes and there is just *something* else that is more me than Lee. Can't wait to see what she looks like as she continues to grow!

Here are some fun comparison photos of Brielle today, compared to Raya at this same age :-)

...and as I  mentioned, it's not only their looks that differ--their personalities seem very different so far too!! Raya was a very serious baby. We always would talk about how it was a good thing that her "somber" face was so stinkin' cute because she wasn't really a smiley baby! Brielle, as you all know, if the complete opposite. She gives out smiles and giggles like nobody's business...she's a very sweet baby!

If I had to predict right now (which I know this  could all change!) I'd predict that Brielle is going to be  my laidback, happy go lucky, "easy" child. ....and I'd predict that Raya is going to be my smart (too smart for her own good!), sassy, high maintainance, "challenging" child. ....I mean really, this face strikes the fear of God into me sometimes! :-P

(Here's an example of her pretty "somber" face--it's this adorable pout face that makes me give in so much, thereby reinforcing the "challenging" child attitude I'm sure! LOL)

I  debated posting this picture, since I do try to be  cautious about "naked baby" pics, but it's just too stinking funny not to share! She insisted "Ray Ray do it!" when putting on her undies, so I let her try to get them on herself. She did OK until it came time to pull them up--that ghetto booty of hers got in the way!!!

By the way, no accidents today!

A little PSA here...always remember to stop and smell the flowers :-)

It really is a miracle some days that Brielle survives her sister! :-P

For our Tot School activities  today we did a lot of review from yesterday. We read all of out alphabet/ letter A books from the library, we watched (and watched and watched) Raya's special Alligator book I posted yesterday haha, and for a new activity I decided to do a fine motor practice (because  it was quick and easy and it was just  one of those  days today!). So I've come across variations of this activity on many of the educcational blogs I read, but I had never put it together for Raya because I thought she was a little beyond it/ too old and wouldn't really like  it. But to my surprise she really enjoyed it and played for 10-15 minutes at various times throughout the day.

Basically you just take a container (a lot of people use the parmeson cheese shaker containers--but  I just used a formula container that I poked a hole in) and then give them spaghetti noodles that  they can stick through the holes! Simple enough right?

She really liked shaking the container once she got  some in there too.

And lastly, you're all in for a treat because Miss Raya sported some piggy tails this afternoon!

....she was licking the dry spaghetti noodles haha

Tomorrow we are taking a break for the letter A and instead Raya is working on social skills and sharing, by attending Erin's daycare for the day haha. I found out we have a showing tomorrow right during nap time, so it makes sense for me to just ship Raya off for a playdate and let her maintain some sort of schedule. Haven't heard anything yet about the people who were supposedly going to make on offer on a house this week, and were deciding between ours and one other. With each day that passes I lose more hope that they will make an offer on ours. So frustrating! Have another open house scheduled this weekend--can only hope that the perfect buyer walks in!


  1. Raya will really love that bare butt pic someday!!!!!!!!Brielles hair sure looks like it is coming in blonde! Good luck with the showings!
    Grama F

  2. Yeah, in person I don't think it looks super blonde, but compared to what Raya's hair was in those pictures it sure looks like Brielle's is a lot lighter! Maybe she'll be blonde haired and blue eyed :-)

  3. that first picture they do look so much alike but now they don't. I think Raya had a chubbier face. Kaylee was the same way, her cheeks were bigger than Keira's. I love Brielle's smile, so adorable
    Glad to hear the potty training is going good still, Kaylee has been doing good too.

  4. they look like the EXACT same baby!!! omg. too cute.


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