Monday, June 27, 2011

Flower child

I stole some pics that the bride posted of professional photos from the wedding we were in last month and thought I'd share :-)

All the flower girls were very cute, but mine (of course) was the most beautiful of them all!

I was very surprised at how well she did at the wedding. Anyone who knows her can attest that she is quite a handful, and I  didn't expect her to stand nicely for photos....but she did!

Now the ring bearer on the other hand, well he was totally not into pictures or really anything to do with the wedding. For pictures he cried and refused to stand in them. This was probably the only photo they got with him LOL

It was nice because I was able to stand there with my angelic looking child and be all like "tisk tisk, what a monster! That mom should totally control her child. I'm so glad he's not mine"   ....when actually  in my head I was thinking "Oh thank God that's not my kid....because it totally *could* have been mine on any other given day! Just keep quiet and pretend that Raya is always this good. Don't  let on to anything because Raya will smell your fear....."

I lucked out.

I totally don't remember  the photographer taking this picture.
He got a good one of my mom holding Brielle...

And one last one for good measure...

And remember  the saga of the flower girl dress and $80 in alterations?!? Well, I put that bad boy on craiglist and right away had a lady wanting to buy it! Unfortunately I messed around and kept putting off sending the dress to work with Lee for her to pick it up and finally when I got a date arranged she emailed and said she had just found another one on ebay instead. Bummer! I relisted it tonight though so hopefully I can find someone else who wants it haha.

I mean, with this cute face advertising it, wouldn't you buy it? :-)

On a completely unrelated note, this morning the girls and I headed back home from my parents' house. It  was a super fun car trip (sarcasm) and not for the reason you may guess (Brielle)...but instead due to her crying big sister who was complaining about being "stuck" and wanted to "walk" despite being told 1000 times to just watch her movie and wait until we got home. Ugh.

Surprisingly Brielle slept the whole time and woke up a happy baby!

When Raya woke up from her afternoon nap we took our now weekly trip to the library! We returned all of our "A" books and got a bunch of "B" books for this week :-)

So this week I'm going to try to incorporate some activities about balloons, butterflies, bedtime, bears, and bunnies--because that's what I came up with for books! haha 

We've already read through most of the books once tonight, and I can see already that the balloon book and caterpillar/butterfly book are favorites. We love our books!

Lastly, curious what the deal with our house is? Well, Lee talked to the realtor today. We were expecting an offer sometime last week but found out today that while those buyers  are still interested they have yet to secure financing :-(  It's not a lost cause for sure, but it appears that they either a) can't afford our house, b) have sucky credit, or c) the banks are just really slow      ....hoping it's c .  I guess one group came through the open house Sunday and they liked it, but we don't really know any more about that. I'm beginning to feel  like selling this place is hopeless! The market  sucks, no one has any money, and lenders are very unwilling to give out loans. Bad news all around.

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  1. Mama and daughter are soooo pretty in those pics!!!!
    It does not surprise me about Raya on the way home, I could tell she woke up n a mood yest!!!!
    My pretty little Brielle was good though!!!!
    Grama F


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