Monday, June 13, 2011

GIVEAWAY Reminder and an Introduction :-)

Don't forget to enter my giveaway (check out my previous blog entry!!)....thanks to the two people who've already entered :-) It ends Sunday night, so don't miss out and spread the word! To everyone else who hasn't entered, "come out come out wherever you are" hehe. I have a cool "stats" thingy and can see that like, for instance yesterday, I had like 150+ views on my blog. So guess what that means? It means a lot of people are looking at my blog and haven't entered my giveway!

I'm thinking that maybe I need to introduce myself so that you all know I'm a cool, legit person :-P I mostly talk about Raya and Brielle on this blog, so consider this entry my "handshake" to you all--a "Hello, welcome!" ....feel free to introduce yourself to me as well (and of course enter my giveaway too :-)

So, here goes. My name is Shawna (obviously) and I"m 29 years old. I have one brother who's a year younger than me (and he's married and has 2 kids--Raya's beloved Sawyer and baby Harper who's a few months older than Brielle). I grew up in the same house, same small town, my entire life. My parents are still married. I was probably in the "academic" click growing up in school, but I got along with most everyone. I was not wild by any means. Pretty much a goodie goodie LOL. In school I played bass keyboard in pep band, piano in jazz band, flute in "regular" band, played basketball and golf for a couple years, did choir, speech, every play and musical (should be noted I can't sing though haha)...

I went to a small local college for undergrad and double majored in English and Psychology. Then I went to grad school and got a Master's Degree in Education and then an Education Specialist degree in School Psychology. While in grad school I met my husband Lee---we (gasp) met online :-) Thank you Yahoo personals haha. We were both new to the area and I posted a profile for fun, not expecting to actually meet anyone, and within 2 days I had 3 dates lined up, but Lee was my first one. We met at Texas Roadhouse and the rest is history! I canceled my other dates and pretty much saw him every day since :-P Here's a picture of us from when we were dating:

After about 1.5 years of dating we bought a house together. Lee proposed on the front walk of the house the first time we went there after closing. I knew it was coming, but he caught me off guard that particular day :-) Here's an engagement picture!

We were married 2 years after we met; Fall, which is my absolutely favorite time of year (followed closely my Christmas season). We had about 300 guests and it was an awesome day. (Although I always tell him that for my "next" wedding, I"m eloping haha :-)

(Please excuse the poor pic quality...they're just screenshots b/c I don't have my cd handy)

For our honeymoon we went that following June out West to Yellowstone--it was aweomse! We were gone about 2 weeks. I can't wait to take the girls back there when they are older.

Lee thinks he's a cowboy, and he made a stinkin' cute one!

Then about 1.5 years after we were married Raya was born! I worked as a school psychologist through Raya's first year and then quit my job to stay home with her last June--so about 1 year ago exactly. Brielle was born this past January and we are now trying to move back to my hometown to be closer to family.

....and that pretty much catches you all up! Nice to "meet" you----and now, PLEASE enter my giveaway LOL. We're officially friends now :-) And if you don't want to enter my giveaway it'd be awesome if you'd still send people to my previous post with the giveaway details, just to help me with my advertising. Really, it's in your best interest to help me out because if I don't keep selling Etsy clothes then I will no longer have spending money to buy the girls new clothes, and then the blog becomes pictures of them wearing the same outfits multiple times which really doesn't help anyone, now does it :-P

....and if you are a blogger as well I'd love for you to do an "introduction" post and link to it here in the comments so that I can "meet" you too!!!


Your new bff,
Shawna :-)


  1. Good to know more about the face behind nopaparazziplease :)

    I just added you to my favorites on etsy.


  2. Neat idea , loved going down memory lane!!!
    Love,Grama F


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