Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Go Fly a Kite! (And Raya's book recommendations :-)

No sock monkey pics  for Brielle yet. The poor thing is sick, sick, sick! I want to wait until she's feeling better so I get some good 5 month pictures. I took her to the doctor yesterday and he thought it was just viral though, so we're waiting it out. Poor baby just coughs and coughs though and has been abnormally sleepy.

Yesterday we finally had some good wind so Daddy took Raya in the yard to fly the kite she got for her birthday---she LOVED it!! She's now obsessed and begs for her kite all the time haha

Poor Brielle wasn't giving a rat's ass about Raya's kite--she just wanted to cuddle and go take a nap!

The boys were happy to be home yesterday after a weekend at my parents'...lazy dogs!

When we got home yesterday I had some packages waiting--including Raya's new books! My sister-in-law Emily got me started on the Children's book of the month club. She's done it for Sawyer and Harper both. I did it for Raya and it really is a great deal. When you sign up you get your choice of 6 books for only $2 and free shipping--plus a free gift. When i signed up the free gift was a book, right now it looks like its a cooler tote of some kind. But then you just have to buy 4 more books over the next year. OR you can buy 2 of those 4 books right away with your initial order, at a reduced price of $4....which is what I did. So then I just had to buy 2 more books some time over the next year....and I just did that when they were running a buy 1 get 1 free sale, with free shipping---so now I've fulfilled my membership and I've gotten a crap ton of books for practically nothing. I might take Emily's advice and now resign up as a new member for Brielle and get all the free books again :-) Anyways, check it out: http://www.cbomc.com/   You do have to remember to "decline" your monthly selection each month or they will send it to you. I just set it up so they email me each month and I just click one button to decline and it's done.

One of the books she just got was this potty book, and so far she loves it! It's great for me too--I find it pretty amusing haha

Some of Raya's other  favorite books are as follows:

This potty book is a huge favorite. I got it at a second hand store. When I babysat the twins they loved it too. For some reason it's just a hit with the toddler crowd haha. If you're looking for a good potty training book check this out

Have you seen these books before? They are books you "pop" the little dots on and they are so fun! I had seen them at Barnes and Noble before but didn't want to pay $13....but at the 2nd hand book store I recently went to I found one and Raya loves it. As she "pops" each bubble dot she counts....so it's very engaging for her. It's almost as fun as popping bubble wrap lol

My chunk butt of course loves her cheerio book:

If you don't have one of these definitely get one. They get to fill in the pictures with cheerios and it's a great way to make snack time last a little longer if Mama has stuff to do haha

This book is a little too old for Raya yet, but it's AWESOME. It was only $5 at half price books--brand new but they must get deals on them or something. ANyways the pages are all this plastic laminate stuff and it comes with little whiteboard marker type things....so you do all the activities and then wipe the pages clean! It's a huge book too...I couldn't print and make these activities myself for any cheaper b/c there are so many pages it'd cost me more to make!

Here's a sample of the activities inside

Lastly, these pigeon books are soooo funny (there's a whole series of them). Raya's a little too young to get them, but I find them hilarious!

Here are a few random pics from today...

Playing with her counting/sorting bears

PS...potty training got TOTALLY ruined basically when we stayed with my parents for 4 days ...I couldn't let her wear undies b/c I didn't want to risk accidents on my mom's carpet and she was so busy playing that she forgot to go and went in her pull ups, etc. She did go a few times when I put her on the potty, but in general she forgot. Ugh. I need to get on her again now that we're home.

Brielle felt better for a little while this morning :-)

Now I need to load the kids and dogs up soon and head to town because buyers that came to look at our house this weekend are very interested and are looking again tonight...yippee!!! Fingers crossed! Wouldn't it be awesome if they made an offer after seeing it tonight? I doubt we'll be that lucky, but a girl can dream right!? ;-)

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  1. Raya looks like she's having a blast with her kite, such cute pics with daddy.
    Poor Brielle, hope she feels better soon.

  2. Looks like Raya has a new favorite toy!!!! Hope little Brielle gets better soon!
    Grama F

  3. Brielle just looks so sad in those pix. You can tell the poor girl dosen't feel good. See were not all so lucky to have babies that can wear hair pretties, as we all know Sam is balled! LOL.


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