Friday, June 17, 2011

Gotta love a big brimmed hat!

Yeah, I already posted once today, but  the house is all asleep right now and I'm not tired!! I've already made an Etsy order and a new  design tonight  so now  my chosen way of killing time is to blog again haha :-)

This afternoon I took Raya outside  to play in her sprinkler. Took  about 10 minutes to get dressed and ready--and she played in the sprinkler for about 5 minutes. 'Tis life with a 2 year old!

Really though, I just wanted an excuse to try her new swimsuit out! It's true I had already bought her a swimsuit for this summer (that pink tutu one from Target) but last time I was back  home I saw this swimsuit at Gymboree and it was on sale for only $2 more than the Target swimsuits! And the matching hat? Yeah, I paid like $1.98 I think...score! Doesn't she look like she should be attending a beach party in the Hamptons or something? So stinkin' cute!

My mom will  tell you that  Raya is the biggest tattle tale who ever lived. Seriously. Well today Raya  started tattling (with shock and horror!) that Brielle was (gasp!) PICKING GRASS!!! haha. Obviously Brielle had no idea what she was doing, but Raya was convinced that this "deliberate" grass pulling had to stop! She tattled her little heart out...

She went so far as to physically  pull the  grass out of Brielle's  slobbery little  fingers haha. Poor Brielle didn't have a clue what  she had  done wrong.

And then that little shit, well she sure did decide that pulling grass was totally fine for HER to do! I asked her if  she wanted to go in the sprinkler again and she yelled "No Mama! I pick grass!" Whatever.

She's going to be the death of me, that's for sure!

It seems like everyone says age 3 is even harder than 2. Lord help me if that's true!

So a little  while later I  heard two little squirrels in the tress, chasing eachother around and making "squirrel noises" :-P I  pointed them out to Raya thinking this would be a fun activity--squirrel watching. Well...

She did look  at them...
But after  a quick look she  became horrified and basically scolded and berrated me saying that the squirrels were too loud ...

Like I always say, it's a good thing she's so cute!

Despite her diva, 2 year old, attitude I  did buy her a Barney and Baby Bop doll on ebay for $4. They arrived today and let me tell you--the best $4 ever spent! She even took them to bed with her, and you should have seen the smile on her face as she curled up with 1000 owl things and Barney :-P

Lastly, here's my new design I attempted. Design wise I like it--execution wise it's a little bit of a hot mess LOL. My ladybug stuff sells well on Etsy--a lof of people do ladybug baby showers or ladybug  birthday parties. So I found  this fabric and had wanted to come up with a cute dress that people might want to give as gifts or use for birthday outfits. Problem is that I didn't use a pattern of any kind--I  just made things up as I went. And I'm decided that there must be another way to make a onesie dress b/c the way I did it was very cumbersome and impossible for me to make things straight!

Here a couple pics get the idea. I do plan to refine this  design before selling it on Etsy though, don't  worry lol.

And thanks to those who have entered my giveaway recently! I've had  some people enter in places other than my original entry, so we're up to about 8ish people competing right  now (I  can't  quite remember). There is still room for more though! Step right up and win that $30!! Details on how to enter can be found in my previous blog entry :-)


  1. love Miss Raya's hat, so adorable!

  2. OMG!!!!! That Raya needs to be a model!!! All she needs are a big pair of sun glasses and she could join some fancy beach club!!!!
    I love Raya so concerned about Brielle picking grass, then she does it!!!! You just gotta love that child!! Cute lady bug dress, is the lady bug felt?
    Grama F
    Grama F

  3. I tried to get her to wear her sunglasses but she said "No mama, too dark!" haha

    No, that ladybug is an iron on patch that I had originally bought thinking I"d make hair clippies, but then ended up using on this :-)

  4. love love love the bathing suit and hat!!! and everyone tells me 3 is harder than 2 too...ohhhhhh LORD help us :)


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