Sunday, June 5, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa H.

Raya took  pitty on me today poop! :-) We did buy a pack of pull ups though b/c at night and when we leave to go places we had been putting on a diaper, but she still wants to pee on the potty at those times and it was getting really annoying to take off and put on the diaper while she was standing. The pull ups so far have been great! She's still peeing like a champ on the potty and she wore a pull up most of today because Lee's parents came to visit and I didn't want to worry about accidents while they were here....but even with the pull up on she pretty much stayed dry and still peed on the potty---what a good girl!

Funny potty story, today she was sitting on the toilet and she tooted :-P She said "I pooped!" and then started looking for it....when she couldn't find the poop she put her hands up and said "where it go?" then I said "where'd you're poop go?" and she says "in my butt!"  LOL.....Gotta love the funny things kids say :-) She's also big on saying "NO!!! Ray Ray do!"    (she calls herself Ray Ray) now she insists on putting on her own underwear putting on her own clothes, etc....which takes FOR-EV-ER and she can't do it right. She is also starting to insist on picking out her own hair pretties, which is annoying b/c she rarely picks matching ones.....thankfully she still lets me pick out her clothes!

See this cutie patootie?

She wanted to try Raya's sunglasses today :-P

Poor Brielle, she has really gotten the shaft when it comes to clothes. Ok, let me rephrase that. For a "normal" baby she has a very appropriate wardrobe. Enough clothes that I don't do laundry constantly, but few enough clothes that outfits are worn multiple times and might actually experience some fading from being washed multiple times etc. She doesn't have the extensive diva Raya wardrobe because she has managed to hit just the right size at the wrong time of year and can't wear Raya's clothes. She's in 6 month stuff now and Raya's 6 month stuff is winter clothes....go figure. This little yellow dress is a 3-6 month dress of Raya's that I was happy to make some use of today before Brielle outgrows it!!

...but anyways, if you know me at all  you will understand that a "normal" wardrobe simply is unacceptable  for MY girls hahaha. So Mama had to make a couple purchases yesterday when we were killing time during the house showing ---one of which was this adorable outfit:

It was a splurge item (well, it WAS on sale, but  on sale from an outrageously expensive starting price :-P)  ...but she looked damn cute! Even Grandma H. couldn't get over how cute she looked! And yes, I may have ordered her a few new bows now that she has enough hair!!!!

We had to do a photoshoot of course...

Daddy approved of her new "duds" as well :-)

Dare I say we might have a Daddy's Girl on our hands soon?

Grandma couldn't  get over how happy and "good" Brielle is...and h ow big she's gotten since she saw her at Raya's birthday party! They grow too fast :-(    (Luckily growing up means they need new clothes hehe)

Raya was being  a stinker for pics (surprise surprise) but I got a couple

Back to the work week daddy help, still potty training, keeping the house clean for showings....I'm tired just  thinking about it!!! end, here are a couple new pics I  took for my Etsy shop. Both of these shirt designs are ones I've had in the past, but I hadn't made them since switching to the machine stitching so I had to take new photos. Hope little Meghan likes her shirts! Her mommy is a return customer and she ordered 3 shirts this time, so I think I have a fan :-P

I thought this color scheme she picked turned out cool

This has always been one of my favorite designs :-)   It was windy when I was trying to take these pics today though so it was hard to get one of the shirt not blowing in the wind!!


  1. Well it's about time that my poor little Brielle got some new clothes!!!!! She does look very cute!!! Good job Raya!!!
    Grama F

  2. i really like how you're taking the pictures of your shirts. its a cool backround/idea. good job! raya's 2yr pics are today so we finally get to wear the shirt you made! i'll post pictures asap :)


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