Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

It's his day!

For Father's Day I arranged for our friends Bridgett and Chris to come babysit yesterday afternoon/evening so that Lee and I could go out child free...we had a great time! Lee got to pick what we did so we started with 18 holes of golf (I got to drive the cart haha.) was a really nice day out so we had a really nice  time. Then we went to dinner at Long John Silvers (Lee loves that place :-P) and then met our neighbor and his girlfriend at the comedy club (where I got to enjoy a white russian and a bloody mary--my 2 favorite drinks and I haven't drank in forever!)...then after comedy we went with the neighbors to the casino (where we were able to entertain ourselves for about an hour and only lose $8 so it wasn't too bad :-)

I think the girls were OK while we were gone...I didn't hear any horrible reports at least! Sounds like Brielle wanted to be held while she slept, which is pretty typical .... Bridgett had posted this picture on Facebook of Chris getting in his baby practice---looks like a natural to me! ;-)

Then this morning we've just had a really lazy morning around the house. Raya gave Daddy his father's day presents....I got him a new tie (because I'm really bored with his old ones!) and the girls got him a picture cube thingy to put at his desk at work. I just have to print some pictures for it now. It's wood and the top is custom engraved...

Then Raya helped me make Daddy breakfast. Later this morning the neighbors brought their little boy Max over (who just turned one year old) and Raya kept saying "play with Max! Friend!" haha.

Now the girls are sleeping and daddy is enjoying a quiet afternoon on the couch. Nap time is good.

So Happy Father's Day to my babies' Daddy! hehe. Here is a picture of Lee and Raya from last year at this time....for old time's sake :-)

...and now for a few random "extras"...enjoy!

One of Raya's new  things is she likes Lee to show her the birds at the bird feeder.

Crack kills...

Raya's latest quirk is when you ask her a question she will put her finger to her nose/face and say "hmmmmmmmm"   No idea where she got that from!

Brielle is rolling a little more now...twice today from back to belly. She can never get that arm right though!

Here's Brielle modeling that ladybug dress from my last entry.

Yesterday Raya wore her Mama and baby bee shirt---Mama has a "googly" eye! (Barney and Baby Bop still go everywhere with her haha)

Lastly, this was just too funny. I laid Brielle on the rug in the bathroom so I could get ready. I had to step out for a second and when I came back I saw she had wiggled herself here:

I said "what are you doing?!" and she just giggled and giggled...she was so proud of herself for getting into trouble! She was halfway in the stinking shower stall LOL

Totally gross, but  she was happily licking the shower curtain

Brielle, I'm not ready to babyproof again...please stay still a little longer!!!

Lastly, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to enter my Etsy Giveaway....Don't forget!!!! I will be randomly choosing a winner (I will use the random number generator online so it's completely fair!) tomorrow--so any entries not received by tonight at midnight will not be eligible to win. ENTER ENTER ENTER....HURRY!!! :-)


  1. so cute, Happy Father's Day.
    We've had a relaxing day so far to, the girls made a homemade craft for daddy this year. I'll be posting our Father's Day pics tomorrow. We're headed to Jasons parents later today. Love Raya's cute bee shirt

  2. Sounds like you out did yourself for fathers day!!!Lee is very lucky!!!! Cute picks with Lee and his girls, love the shower curtain pics with Brielle!!!
    Love, Grama F

  3. The ladybug dress looks way cuter on Brielle than on the hanger :)


  4. Thanks! I thought it looked cuter on too :-)



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