Saturday, June 25, 2011

Heads up-- Good deal!!! (You're welcome :-)

Just wanted to let anyone trying to do their own version of Tot School know that Target has some awesome (and cheap!) learning tools in their $1 section right now! Tonight I picked up all this for only $1 per item...I can't even make my own for that cheap by the time you print things out and laminate them.
From top left: number matching puzzle cards, foam stacking shape blocks (also for color sorting), interlocking "people"
for counting or patterning or color sorting...Middle row: letter matching puzzle cards, alphabet cards, color sorting cards
Bottom row: animal sound cards, animal action cards

I especially love these sound and action cards. I plan to use them for some gross motor practice, b/c you can pull out an action card like "the ants march" and then act out being ants yourself, etc. There are lots of fun ones....I quized Lee on the way home and asked him if he knew what sound a groundhog made haha

And my favorite are the color sorting cards. (And all these cards are very big...great for little hands!)

....just thought I'd let you all know! I love my faithful readers and want you to get the good deals :-)  Be sure to read my other update from earlier today too!

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