Monday, June 20, 2011

A is for Alligator

Today we began our  letter A adventure! We had a lot of fun with it :-) It's only  been one day, but I can tell I'm going to like doing the letter a week thing. It gives me some direction when planning activities. I tended to get a little overwhelmed trying to think of things to do and plan when it was completely open ended, but knowing that this week is the letter A helps me narrow down my search a lot when looking online for activity ideas, etc.

Today we began by doing a "book hunt" in our house, looking for books we already have that went with our A theme. I could only find one that was "when sophie gets angry- really, really angry" we read it and pointed out all the letter A's.  Then we watched an A music video haha. Raya liked this, but the part when they make the letter sound drug on a little long and started to lose her attention. The video is here:

The big hit of the day was that I had searched you tube for an A themed book and found a video of a Grandma reading an alligator story. I thought maybe Raya would listen and we could talk about how Alligator starts with A, etc....but I did not predict that Raya would become OBSESSED with this video and book! We watched this, no joke, at least 10 times today....and then Raya made Daddy watch it when he got home! It really is a super cute book though, and the Grandma does some awesome ad lib LOL. Check it  out (turn the volume all the way's kind of quiet):

So after hearing the alligator book many many times we did an alligator craft. I must admit that I think *I* had more fun with this than Raya did haha. She isn't quite old enough for real crafts yet. She loves to glue and tape random crap to paper, etc....but actually making real crafts is a little hard for her. But I had fun!

Check out our clothespin alligator :-)

He bites :-)

Raya did help to paint him green though.

After nap today we went to the library to find books for the week.  I think we're going to try and hit the library every Monday and then I will plan some activities around the books we find. The library is only about 2 minutes from our house, which is nice.

We found two general alphabet books, a letter A book, and then 3 beloved Barney and Baby Bop books---which she carried around the library while screaming "Mine!!!"....and no one was even around her, so who she thought was trying to take them from her I have no idea!!! :-P

So there you have it--our A activities for the day! And Raya  is totally a quick learner, because  I asked her to draw me an "A" on her whiteboard and look  what  she did!!

Hehe...did I have you there for a minute? You were thinking "Oh my God, her kid's a genius!" weren't you? :-P Well, I will admit that the perfect "A" you see above was actually drawn by me :-P

Here is Raya's masterpiece :-)

In other news, Brielle is still adorable

She was a real cuddle bug today....I  just can't get enough hugs and kisses from this little girl...she's totally smoochable :-)

And while I was cuddling Brielle  and giving her some attention for a little bit, Miss Raya was doing this:

Whenever she gets an inkling for some candy she desperately tries to squeeze out a little pee and then declare "I did it!!!!!!!!!!!! .....treat?"   hahaha....stinker  Potty training is going really well though...only one accident today!

Raya's really into "helping" right  now. She wants to help me with everything, which any mom knows is actually more of a hinderance than a help, but she is so excited to help I can't hardly say no! Today it was "mama, help!" whenever I rinsed help she did (or more like play in the water)

She also likes removing the swing seat and then sitting on the swing (no matter how many times I tell her not to!)

This afternoon Raya "decorated" sissy with pretty necklaces.

Brielle  was a good sport LOL

I like how they got caught on her ears haha

"I see you mama!!!"  ( she says that constantly!)

Yep, still cute!

"Mama! Raya's bothering me!"

Like I said, Raya loves "helping" tonight she "helped" me with dinner.

She waited so patiently for the water to boil so that she could pour in the noodles. She'd say "done mama?" and I'd say "nope"....and she'd say "oh....why?" and I'd say "because the water isn't hot yet".....followed 5 seconds later by "done mama?"  LOL

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  1. Love all the pics!!!! Raya is soooo lucky to have you as a mamma!!!! I love the neckless pics, but I also love the last pic of Brielle siiting up by the stove looking at Raya wondering if she is far enough away from her to be safe!!!!!
    Grama F

  2. i like brielle's little capris. when we were babysitting, whenever raya got near brielle and tried to hug her or something, brielle got the biggest grin on her face.

  3. Those capris are from Harper. I guess someone gave them to her and they are size 12 month but run super small, so Harper couldn't get her butt in them :-) Yeah, Brielle is a good sport about Raya hanging all over her!



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