Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kill Me

Have I mentioned that you will have to drag my dead body out of our next home? Because this is the last time I will ever move. Seriously. This house selling stuff is RIDICULOUS!

First off, the repeat lookers who came Tuesday night, well we found out that our house is one of two they are considering. They can't decide between the two houses so they've decided to sleep on it--until NEXT WEEK--and then make an offer on one of the homes. The good news is that we have a 50% chance of getting an offer next week. The bad news is that we have to wait  until next week, have a 50% chance of NOT getting an offer, and the pessimist in me thinks that they will low ball and if they don't get the price they want then they'll just make an offer on the other house. All this doesn't bode well for us, because we've already dropped our price and we don't have much wiggle room left.

Second, after getting that news last night I was bummed, so I took the night off and did zero picking up after Raya went to bed. If you don't have kids this may not sound like a big deal, but if you do have kids I'm sure you can picture the destruction that one day can cause and not picking up at night means choas in the morning! Well this morning I'm sipping my coffee, ignoring the destruction around me, and I get a phone call from the realtor's secretary asking if they can do a showing THIS AFTERNOON. I literally said "oh good lord!"....she laughed at me. So then I spent my whole morning cleaning (Only me and my mother vacuum and mop daily--and only my mother enjoys it :-P), tried putting Raya down for an early nap since we'd have a showing during nap time (she yelled for me for over an hour until she finally fell asleep b/c she wasn't tired)....then I had to wake her up and get both kids and both dogs out of the house!

All this probably would have been "funny" looking back if I had come home to an offer on the table or something ...but instead I came home to all my lights left on and not a single paper (brochure/disclosure) had been touched! This has always meant they aren't interested in the past. So basically today was the day from hell and all for nothing. One of these times I'm just going to say screw it and let them come through the house all messy.

Ok, I'm going to force myself to make lemonade from these f-ing lemons. My house is clean now. That is good.

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  1. Lets send all goooooood thoughts to those people so they love the house and just can't live without it!!!! It will all be worth it once you get moved back here, I can take the girls so you can get all moved in, it will be wonderful, hang in there!!!!
    Grama F


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