Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mother of the year award...."winning!" (Insert Charlie Sheen voice)

First off, no, you're not seeing things--yes, I gave my blog a little facelift! How do you all like the new  design?

Secondly, how awesome is this onesie? I mean, now it can do all the talking for me and I can stop thinking "your opinion sucks" multiple times a week haha (Ready, set, go! I know you're all gonna start analyzing whether this onesie is a direct retort to something you said LOL. Mom, before you call me,'re fine :-P)

And no fear, because when she outgrows the onesie I've got it covered. I've already taught Brielle the eye roll...

And Raya has mastered the face palm...

...and as a P.S. to last night's "sister's rock" update, here ya go :-)

Now for Tot School. I'm getting creative people...totally winning mother of the year award soon :-P No paper towel rolls with random crap glued to we actually did a 4th of July theme!

First we made a flag with colored popsicle sticks. I squirted the glue and then Raya did a great job of putting the sticks where they belonged...

Then we made fireworks! Once again I squirted glue and Raya placed the colored poms to make pretty fireworks...

Then since it's letter B week I told Raya that fireworks go "Boom!" and she helped me write the sound effects on the paper :-)

That was supposed to be all for today, but Raya kept saying "more craft Mama!" so I got out watercolors for the first time. She loved it.

.....I'm not sure she understood my lecture about not mixing colors though haha

Tomorrow guess who is joining us for letter B week? Sawyer!! My mom is bringing Sawyer to our house, which should be fun. When I told Raya the news she got herself ready and stood at the door saying "let's go Mama!"

I'm thinking she doesn't understand what "tomorrow" means

Lastly, thanks to the crazy fish swing for giving me time this afternoon to write this update.


  1. love the new look!
    love Brielle's onesie!
    love the american flag craft raya did

  2. funny, I read this earlier and then just now someone else I know posted about the drama surrounding that shirt

  3. Raya is so cute!

  4. LOL...too funny! It never would have crossed my mind that you could trademark a saying like that though. I mean, how could you ever pinpoint who "invented" that phrase?!


  5. Love the new look!!! I try really hard to only give advice if asked!!!!! Raya looks like she did very well with the crafts today. Love the pic with Raya by the door with her hat and backpack!! Look out here comes So So tomorrow!!!!
    Grama F


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