Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Dress

While potty training  Raya I  like her to wear comfy dresses, because it's a horrible hassle to mess with pants during 1000 trips to the bathroom. So last night I made her a new tank dress--this time with a drop waist. She loves it! Super comfy and I made a little sash/tie thing that you can tie onto one strap as an accessory, or leave it off....whichever you prefer. And a matching hair pretty of course :-P

She was a horrible model this morning---the dress is way cuter in person--but you get the idea.

She wanted to dress sissy herself this morning...

And she wanted to take a picture of glad she kept my bed head out of the picture!

Seconds after this was taken she kicked Brielle in the head. On purpose.

It's pitiful because when I "yell" at her for something "like kicking her sister" she starts a pitiful cry and chants "Mama pick" through her tears (meaning she wants me to pick her up). She's like our dog Gunner--the more you scold him the more desperate he is to be by you and love you haha.

Raya was so cute  today. When I had to get them out of the house (see the earlier blog entry from today to hear that horror story!) I took them to Dairy Queen. Oh my, Miss Raya was in seventh heaven. I got her a kid's vanilla cone in a bowl and we ate outside at a picnic table. She sat there, kicking her little legs in pure bliss, licking that icecream and periodically smiling at me and saying "Mama, I like!"  haha...then she'd point to my icecream and say "Mama's" and then point to hers and say "Ray Ray's" :-)

Brielle is perhaps a little less congested sounding today. She seems pretty happy, which is good!

And just because she's so cute and I know you all can't get enough of her, here are some pics of Brielle from yesterday (and yes, she went through two outfits lol)

She's still my blue eyed girl! Is there a chance her eyes will still change this late?

Those lashes!

"Mama, I promise I will always stay a good little girl!"
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  1. love the new dress, its so cute! brielle is just to stinking CUTE!

  2. Cute dress!! That darn little Raya is a stinker!!!My pretty pretty pretty Brielle!!!!!!!
    Grama F


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