Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Milestones!!! Rolling, fat lip, and paci free!

We've had an exciting last day around here....milestones all around!

First, we officially have a rolling machine! Brielle now rolls the second you lay her down on her back...but then she hates her stomach still so she gets pissed off to find herself on her stomach and it causes a vicious cycle of me flipping her and then her flipping back and getting mad LOL.

"Yeah, I'm rolling now, so what?"

" help me get off my f-ing belly!"

I made the mistake of leaving her on my mom's dining room table for a second while I turned my back to help Raya, and when I turned back around she was on her belly with her entire lower half from the waist down just dangling over the edge of the table! Mama needs to remember we have a roller now!

Raya has had a couple milestones too. First, she got her first fat lip :-(  Daddy and her were playing basketball and she bit her lower lip. It started bleeding all over and you can see exactly where the tooth went through her lip...ouchie! We had to make it feel better with a popsicle....

THe most exciting milestone though is that Raya is no paci free!!! I had been putting off taking away her paci for a long time. At age 1 she started having it only in her bed and then at like 18 months we cut the ends off her pacis (I had heard that was a way to get them to give it up) but she continued to happily suck on the cut off ends haha. I had never tried taking the paci away completely though because I assumed it would be a couple days of screaming and tantrums etc. Well, I forgot her paci when we came to stay at my parents' house and so yesterday she was without a paci. I never mentioned anything and actually it took one full day for her to even notice it was gone! She went a whole night and one nap without the paci and never said a word...I was shocked! Then last night she did ask for it and I just said that she's a big girl now and the paci went to be with little babies and so we waved goodbye to the imaginary pacis and I told her that big girls sleep with stuffed animals instead and read them books....and she cuddled up with her animals and read her book and went to sleep just fine. Seriously, I can't believe how easy that was....she's such a big girl now!!!!! I'm a proud Mama :-)

Lastly, here are a couple cute pics I took of my mom with Sawyer today....I watched Sawyer for awhile so that Raya and him could have a play date.

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  1. Grandkids are the greatest joy in the entire world!!!!!!!!!
    Grama F


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