Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Oscar for best female actress goes to....

...Miss Raya Marie!!!  Yes people, I think my 2 year old has a future in acting. Tonight she managed to convince me that  she had a horrible  urinary tract infection and so a trip to urgent care and $25 later I had one annoyed husband and one happy little girl who had a blast on her trip to the doctor with Daddy! Basically she'd been going potty just fine all day but she had a really whiny supper and then after supper  I was trying to feed the baby and she  kept saying she had to pee (or poop) and then I'd put the baby down and take her, only to have her do nothing (except want to wash her hands! ...which is her current obsession). Well I decided she was "faking" having to pee just to have 1-on-1 time with me and so I started to kind of ignore her and within an hour she was screaming/crying, holding her  crotch in pain, etc. and really it seemed like she had a UTI! These weren't fake tears either, these were honest to god I'm dying in agony tears. I was hospitalized with a UTI when I was 18 months old so after talking with my mom we decided she better be looked at. Since I was dealing with a fussy baby I sent Lee with Raya and waited anxiously to hear the verdict....

....the verdict was that she is probably an amazing actress and  most likely totally healthy! haha. Lee says that  as soon as he put her in the van to take her she was happy and said "I  go play with So So?!?"  (which is what  she calls her cousin Sawyer haha). Then I guess she was happy as could be at the doctor....and even (to the shock of the  nurses) peed in the collection bag for them to test her urine! Lee said the only  time she cried the entire trip was when they had to weigh her on the scale LOL (sometimes that makes me cry too Raya :-P)  When they got home and Lee opened the door Raya smiled and said "Hi Mama!". .....Yeah, totally in pain and dying :-) I guess the doctor DID say she might be a little constipated so we'll  see how she is in the morning....but  yeah, Lee is annoyed at his waste of time and money and I feel kinda silly being "played" by a 2 year old!! My mom says she is way too young to come up with an act that  elaborate but I don't know. She's not a normal 2 year  old....sometimes I swear she's evil LOL

Brielle will  tell you the same thing....don't let  Raya's sweet face fool you people!

In other annoying news, remember  that showing on Saturday that we found out  about late Friday and cleaned frantically for? Yeah, well Lee heard from our realtor about that showing and guess what? Another waste of our time!!! Apparently they liked the house, and especially liked the "man room" space downstairs, but they  said our yard was too small. I guess we are their 3rd favorite house, and they can afford more expensive homes with larger yards. Ok, now that just makes me mad for a number of reasons! One, we have many pictures of our yard online so they knew what it looked like. Two, we specifically list it as a 1 acre lot. Three, what the hell do you plan to do in your yard people?! Build a football field? On what planet do you need more yard? .....have  I mentioned how  much I HATE selling this house? :-P

Lastly, I had orders that allowed me to "revamp" some more of my etsy pictures. I was glad someone ordered this shirt for father's day because I've always liked this one but the old pictures I had were horrible. I think these look much better and will increase sales of this design :-)

Then for some reason I've sold a few of these butterfly shirts recently. It's funny because  one month I"ll sell a bunch of one design, then suddenly I don't sell any more of that design for a long long time and there's a new "bestseller" that emerges!

I"m thinking about doing a giveaway on my blog soon for my etsy shop. What do you all think? If you aren't familiar with giveaways it's basically when a blog offers a gift certificate to a store (in this case it would be MY store), and readers earn entries into the drawing for the gift certificate by doing things like following me, facebooking or tweeting my giveaway, telling their friends, hearting my etsy shop, etc. etc. I don't have any idea how many people actually read this blog and would be interested in participating, but I thought I might try it and see! Stay tuned to find out details :-) I just thought it might be a good way to spread word of my Etsy shop and get some free advertising and giveaway in blog land are pretty popular in general.

Lastly, Brielle helped me outside today taking photos of my shirts. Raya was at Erin's daycare this morning --working on social skills LOL

Brielle enjoyed her carseat this morning....of course she wasn't buckled, was outside, and had my full attention!

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  1. Oh my!!! Good luck with that one!!! I still say she is tooo young to fake that, she do doubt was having a bad night and was fussy but something had to have hurt, I still betting on constipation!!! Gotta love that child!!!
    Grama F


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