Sunday, June 19, 2011

Personalized alphabet book for your toddler-- fun project!

So tomorrow I start Tot School--a new  letter each  week. We're going to work in ABC order, so this week is the letter A. I'm excited about the letter A because "Rayana" has many As in her name--and actually her name covers all the different sounds the letter A can make as well! She's only two so I obviously don't expect one week of letter A activities to suddenly mean she's going to know the letter and all the sounds and every word that starts with A....but I'm hoping she'll get familiarized with each letter we do and have fun with it! :-)

This afternoon in preparation for learning our letters I worked on a personalized alphabet book for Raya. I saw a similiar idea online and thought it was great. Raya loves looking at pictures of herself so I knew this would be engaging! I used Picasa (free photo editing) to add the text to my 4 x 6 photos and I plan to print them and put them in a flip album to make a "book"...but for now we've been reading her "book" on my computer. She loves it! I still need a photo for X though...I couldn't find a picture of her taking an xray or anything LOL

Here are some examples of the pictures I used:

Check in tomorrow to find out who won my etsy giveaway, and also to see the activities we do for the letter A!!


  1. Love the alphabet pictures!!!!Raya will love this learning tool!
    Grama F

  2. Sweet idea! We live miles away from family so i'm planning to do a family book for my little one. I.m gonna print individual pics of grandparents,uncles, aunts and cousins and make it into a book. Looks like Raya will have fun learning her abc


  3. A family book is a great idea too!


  4. great idea for a book!!! i need to do one!

  5. ok, so i started one :) i copied your W and V words. shutterfly gave me a free book and its turning out soooo cute. thanks for the idea!!!

  6. Love it!! I've wanted to print off pics for a while now and laminate them so we could use them "book style" (with a hole punch in the corner - string or ring clip holding them together) or as flash cards - which would be great for teaching the ABCs. I think seeing your pics is the motivation I need!

    "X" could be for xylophone - that might be easier to acquire than an xray :)



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