Monday, June 6, 2011

Pink and Purple Perfection

Are they  not just  picture perfect?!  Yeah, I think so too :-)

I wasn't trying to take their picture, but I had Brielle sitting in the chair while I was putting clothes away and Raya insisted on sitting with sissy. That poor Raya, she is just dying for Brielle to be big enough to play with her!! Today I showed Raya how she could hand a soft little stuffed doll to Brielle and then I'd say "oh no! She's EATING the baby!!!" as Brielle would lick it, and then Brielle would drop the doll and I'd say "She threw the baby at you Raya!" and Raya would laugh and laugh and laugh haha. She really thought they were playing together and she was so excited.

Raya then wanted to play school bus with she went and  got her  toy to bring to the chair...

"Raya's not sharing with me mom!!!"

Raya said "YAY!" when she handed a car to Brielle and she actually held onto it lol

Then she wanted to give sissy a pretend drink of water. I think Brielle may still have the imprint of that glass rim on her face--Raya was really shoving it into her mouth!

It's a delicate line I walk when trying to keep Raya from hurting Brielle, because I want her to like her sister, but at the same time she doesn't always know her own strength! And if I try to correct her  with Brielle she either ignores me because I'm being to nice about it, or she starts crying because she thinks I was mean. Oy.

Speaking of 2 year olds and how difficult they are!!.....Raya is getting progressively  worse about the whole "No! Ray Ray do it!" thing. Today I took the girls to the park for awhile and it was unplanned (we were just planning to go to the post office) I didn't have water and it's blazing hot here today. Well she started whining for water and a grandma was their with her grandkids and had an extra bottle of water she said Raya could have. I  tried helping Raya drink  from it and oh my, TANTRUM CITY! I felt so embarassed by my naughty kid LOL...she was screaming "NO! Ray Ray do it!!" and wouldn't let go of the b ottle and was trying to rip it  from my hands and splashing water everywhere haha. I just looked at the other lady and said "she's definitely two years old!" ...I mean, what  can you do! She also insists on doing other ridiculous things herself, like she had to carry in the groceries the other day from the car, which took her an insanely long time. She insists on putting on her  own shoes, which somehow always end up on the wrong feet (you'd think she'd have a 50/50 shot of getting it right, but somehow it's always wrong!)....I  mean, I'm just exhausted  haha.  And she woke  up at 6am  today too....she's sleeping less and less and I'm actually starting to worry she might try giving up her afternoon nap....cue Mama freaking out!!!! :-)

Potty training at least  is still going pretty well. She didn't  do quite as good in the pull ups this morning, but with  underwear on she catches herself  and does pretty well.  Pooped in her underwear today....she refuses to entertain the idea of pooping on the potty....I"m not  even picking that battle right now.

Grandma and Grandpa H.  left this morning. Raya wasn't in to Grandpa this time so  much, but she loved Grandma. She woke up this morning and asked where Grandma was and I said she was in the Raya waited outside the bathroom door and then when it opened she ran as fast as those little legs could carry her and had her arms open wide for a hug was adorable.

Let's end with some pictures of the happiest  baby in the giggly, smiley love bug!

She's so funny, she just  loves to chew on that one pointer finger for some reason!


  1. The chewing on the pointer finger is hilarious!!! i love those pictures :) and i TOTALLY feel you on the embarrassing screaming child. we took raya to a party this weekend and every time i picked her up or told her to go to another area in the yard (bascially every time i told she couldn't do something) she SCREAMED and kicked and threw a hugh fit. uhhhh. so embarrassing. lol. but i'm right there with you!

  2. brielle is getting so big, she is to cute! she has the cutest smile. I know how you feel about the screaming kid...Kaylee does the same thing if were in the store and she wants something and she tell her no not this time, she screams so loud, EMBARRASSING!!! Kaylee hasn't gotten to that stage where she wants to do everything by herself yet.

  3. Just wait untill Brielle starts taking toys from Raya!!!! That Brielle is just sooooo pretty!!!
    Love the pic where Ruthann is holding her and she is smiling. I bet Larry was sad that Raya didn't love on him as much this time!!! I miss my girls, how many days has it been? Are you sure you are not going to Tylers party next Sunday?
    Love, Grama F

  4. His party is on father's day??? No, I don't think we're getting in the car with Brielle for awhile haha. Why don't you come visit us on a Thursday? You're about due to drive this way I think ;-P


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