Thursday, June 2, 2011

Potty Training Day 2

Sorry, no pics tonight b/c I'm exhuasted and have Etsy orders to work on!

For a potty training update though, the morning was AWESOME. Raya work up a little after 7am, went on the potty, and wore underwear ALL  MORNING until 12:30 when she went down for a nap. She only had 2 tiny accidents where she "dribbled" and then came to tell me she had to go potty and she went the rest of the way on the potty. So all morning long only 2 pairs of undies to wash :-) We even played outside with no accidents....I was so proud!

Then we took a nap and she woke up way way early from nap. She normally sleeps until at least 3pm and woke up today at 2pm saying she had to pee. I knew it was too early for her to get up but she kept saying she had to potty so I took her. Well then she was up so she stayed up. About 15 minutes later she pooped in her pants ;-o   I expected as much since it was her first time, so I just took her to the bathroom and showed her how we put it in the potty and flush it bye bye, etc. I thought it'd be good for her to see where it was supposed to go and such. Well, apparently that traumatized her!!! Ever since then she won't go on the potty anymore!! She says all the pottys are "yucky" and "poopy" and she also claims they're too cold LOL. I called my mom and she suggested we clean the pottys, so together Raya and I cleaned the potty and talked about how it was all nice and clean, and I showed her how *I* went on the clean potty, etc....but nope, she's still not having any of it. If I pick her up and put her on it she cries. I think it's partially that she's tired and grumpy from her short nap and partially being scared and stubborn. Ugh, so frustrating! It'd be different if I honestly thought she wasn't "getting it", but she did so awesome all morning so I know she can do it and now she's just choosing not to. She's back  in diapers b/c she had 5 accidents in less than an hour after the poop saga and I realized that clearly she was bound and determined not to go potty any more. Bummer.

I'm hoping that we can start fresh tomorrow when she wakes up and hopefully  she'll have forgotten about all her excuses for not going! If anyone else has any ideas let me know!!!!!


  1. i'm so over potty training. LOL. now i know why parents keep their kids in diapers until they're 4, cause they're smart parents! hehe. just kidding. i'm so over changing a 2 year olds diaper....grrrrr.

  2. The potty training posts are hilarious :) I'm sure Raya would one day read this and have a good laugh as well!



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