Friday, June 3, 2011

Potty Training Day 3-- And SPRINKLER fun!

Day 1 was pretty much hell, Day 2 was bipolar because the morning was awesome and then she crashed hard, and Day 3? Well, Day 3 is nothing short of a miracle! She woke up at 7am and it's now almost 4pm, and she has had (wait for it....) ZERO accidents!! We are still on our very first pair of undies people....seriously! She wore a diaper for nap but other than that she has been pottying like a pro, and I have only had to remind her just a couple times...she remembers herself most of the time!!! The only  problem is that she will no longer go on the big  adult pottys...she still says they are poopy and yucky and cold LOL. But she happily has gone on her little frog potty all day so hey, whatever floats her boat I say! She also insists on dumping her pee herself into the big potty when she's done, and then flushing. Sometimes she flushes 3+ times per potty break. This is very annoying but she throws a fit if I try to stop her so I'm just going with it. Wasting water on multiple flushes or wearing diapers for eternity? It's an easy choice  really :-P

So yes, I'm a super proud Mama today!!! Hope she can keep it up the rest of the night....wouldn't it be amazing if we made it all of the way through day 3 without a single accident?!

She was rewarded after nap today with her new sprinkler. It is super hot today so we had fun running through the water!!

Lots of pictures today...enjoy!

My long time readers will remember this swimsuit from Raya's 1 year professional pictures...still fits! It's a little tight but cute for the backyard :-)

Raya was taking her hat off and playing with it

I told her "be careful, don't get your hat wet" ....and honest to God she did THIS:

I'm going to hope that she misunderstood me and thought I told her I DID want her to get it wet, because then she's a very well behaved child who follows directions, rather than a brat who outrightly disobeys me...and she can't possibly be THAT naughty right?

Or can she?

Brielle sat in her bumbo and watched us play....although she did wear Raya's  old swimsuit, even though she didn't get wet, because Raya insisted that sissy wear a suit and hat just like she was haha

I had to take some pictures of cute little baby parts today :-P

"Mama, geeze....the amount  of pictures you take is really getting ridiculous!"

Still, she's always my happy baby!

And not only do I love her, but big sister does too!

Now to end this update, here are a few pictures I took this morning of the girls...

Love this one :-)

Clearly Raya squeezes too hard for Brielle's liking!


  1. wow GREAT job Raya! that's awesome.

    love the sprinkler pics. the close up big pic of Brielle in her hat is adorable!

    Hope Raya is accident free the rest of the day! I'm going to start with Kaylee on Monday, wish me luck

  2. Way to go Raya and Mama!!! Hope it continues to go this smooth. My Brielle looks sooooo cute!!!
    Grama F


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