Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Set your DVR! Raya's recommendations :-)

Raya loves watching TV. Yeah, yeah...they say you shouldn't  let kids under 2 years old watch TV, and then after  that I  think they have insane recommendations like 30 seconds of TV every month or something haha :-P BUT, we are a TV loving house. Lee and I like to watch TV. I can't  stand silence so even when I'm not watching the  TV it's still on in the background. So far Raya's brain hasn't turned to mush and quite frankly, the kid is too smart for her own good as it is--with all the back talking she's doing I don't think it's hindered her speech at all LOL. So, long story short? The kid gets to watch TV and I'm not ashamed!

Her TV likes have been "maturing" since she was a wee little lady. Her first obsession was Gigglebellies. This is a music dvd, sing a long type thing...and from about 10 months old until like 15 months old that  was pretty much all she'd sit and watch the whole way through. If you've not heard of this DVD you should google it. I highly recommend it! The songs are catchy but not annoying and it keeps their attention for the full 30 minutes.

After Gigglebellies came Winnie the Pooh. We had one Winnie the Pooh sing a long movie and she became addicted. For awhile there she was watching it like 3 times a day! She would also watch any other Pooh show Daddy found for her on TV.

Then came Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Caillou. She still likes these. In fact, I'd say she's quite possibly obsessed with Caillou. She requests him CONSTANTLY throughout the day and when his theme song comes on she shouts "That's Me!!" at the end, right along with the song haha. Personally I find Caillou quite annoying....and seriously, why is the kid still bald at 4 years old? Still, the girls knows what  she likes! So being the good Mama I am, I used some of my Etsy profit to purchase her this book set yesterday: http://www.amazon.com/Caillou-My-Storytime-Box-Clubhouse/dp/2894507690  She is going to be so excited when it arrives! And at  least then I'm no longer the slacker mom who lets her kid watch Caillou all day, but  suddenly I'm transformed into the super mom who is educational and READS Caillou to her  kid all day long! Score one for me :-P   ...I"m also thinking about buying a Caillou iron-on to make her a shirt. I know she'd go hog wild for a Caillou shirt, but all the ones you can buy are really boyish looking. I have tons of girlie style tshirts for my etsy business, so I could easily buy a transfer and put it on a girlie tshirt. Check out ebay for tons of transfers--no matter what your kid's obsession I bet you can find some! Here is a Caillou one: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180656770859&var=480025394046&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT  They are dirt cheap.

Raya's new found obsession though is none other than that lovable purple dinosaur, Barney. Lee bought her a couple Barney movies for the car ride to Chicago the other weekend and when we went to the library last time she found a Baby Bop book that quickly became a favorite. On PBS here Barney comes on right  before Caillou, so you can imagine that hour of the day is pretty much heaven for Missy Moe :-) Well I can't stand the thought of paying full  price for stuffed animals (seriously, they charge way too much for those things!) but the other  day on ebay  I came across a Barney and Baby Bop stuffed animal set for only $4 and free shipping....I snatched that baby up and I  can't  wait to see Raya's face when those arrive!

So there you have it--let your kids watch TV and sit down and take a break--it won't kill them, I promise :-)

Not much going on here today....to stinkin' hot to do much of anything and with potty training still going strong I spend a lot of the day with Raya in the bathroom! She's still doing great though....when 6 hours this morning with only one little accident, and that was right after lunch and while she was distracted watching Caillou. I think she's pretty much got this pee thing figured out ...yay!

Brielle had kind of an "off" morning. Just  not herself and fussy but  fighting sleep. Here she was trying to keep her eyes open even though I knew she was tired!

She's a baby that when she decides she's mad sometimes you just have to let her cry! No matter what you do she isn't happy and then all of a sudden if she cries for 5-10 minutes she'll just stop crying and be happy again! Or she falls asleep and wakes up happy.

Like  today, she was grumpy and then a little while later I took THESE pictures...happy baby again!

Chewing on that  finger again LOL

Lastly, for pjs last night Brielle  wore Raya's old John Deere outfit. Lee doesn't work at John Deere anymore, but he's still a farmer at heart and can appreciate a good tractor ensemble!

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  1. I just love that last pic of Raya loving on Brielle!!! She just adores her baby sister!!! I miss my girls, can't wait to see everyone Thursday!!!
    Grama F


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