Wednesday, June 22, 2011

They know my girls too well...

Target--who knew  they designed their  bibs specifically for *my* girls?! Well, they totally do.

I had been wanting this "Star of Mommy's Blog" bib for awhile now. I knew they were supposedly at Target but I could never find one! Well today (while Brielle and I were killing time during a showing) I found one :-)

....and while I know that Raya is too old for  a bib like this, I couldn't  help but get it because it's oh so true!

I have no idea what was up with this look of hers LOL

...and while I was pushing my cart  around Target one handed, holding Brielle with the other arm because she screams whenever she's in her carseat (as we all know!) I decided I needed a carrier immediately haha. She's outgrown my little wrap (which I loved) and I've been wanting to get a Beco Gemini but they are so expensive...and I haven't saved up $120 yet. Well I saw this sling carrier at Target for only $20 (it reverses to a pretty green floral print) so I decided to try it. It's no where near as comfy as the carrier I want, but it does allow me to carry Brielle on my hip and still have two hands free to push a cart. She's certainly not secure enough for me to do housework or anything....but I can at least walk around a grocery store with her in it. I'm hoping that once Brielle can sit up here in a month or so she'll enjoy riding in the cart seats that way and then I won't have to worry about getting the expensive carrier.

While we were at  Target, Miss Raya was having her playdate at Erin's. It was funny because when I dropped her off I said "you get to play with friends!" and she said "no mama, I'm sad!" hahaha. Fast forward to me picking her up and she's having a blast and as we're pulling out of the driveway she's saying "Bye bye friends! Bye bye Ben!" (Ben is one of the little boys there) and then she started saying "more friends Mama, more!"  haha. At Erin's Raya did a fun alphabet craft where they cemented pebbles in some sort of clay ..

Lastly, awhile  ago I had sent a friend some clothes that were too small for Brielle to wear, and today she sent a thank you with a couple hair pretties for the girls (she makes them) we had to try them out of course!

Raya got a cool ladybug hair clip...she's never had a clippie like that before, so it was quite popular :-P

She also made a cute korker clippie and included a headband so that Brielle can wear it too :-)

I think that's about all  I have to report today. As far as the house, no, we haven't heard from that one couple yet. However the realtor did call this afternoon asking for detailed info about our electric bills and what they run....they said a couple was asking them about it. I didn't think to ask if it was *the* couple, but I'm hoping that they are wanting to make an offer on our house and are trying to run all the numbers, etc. I can't think of what other group who's come through already was interested enough to ask about electric. Oh, and the showing today I think went well, based on my inspection upon returning home haha. I can always tell when they aren't interested but today everything was moved! They had looked in the closets, showers, took a disclosure statement, etc....and usually that means they are at least somewhat interested because the people who walk in and know immediately that the driveway is too steep, etc. etc. don't bother looking at all those things. Fingers crossed!

Oh, and check out the newest arrival to my Etsy shop!


  1. I think the look on Rayas face says why in the world did you put this bib on me!!! Plus she does not think she annoys Brielle, she thinks Brielle loves her attention!!! That Brielle when she smiles is just toooooo pretty!!!
    Why in the world did you not have Raya model those ruffled training pants!!!!! That would sell a ton with that cute butt of hers!!!
    Love, Grama F

  2. She was already in bed....I had her model them this morning! :)

  3. love Brielle's bib! I need to go find one for Keira

    I also nominated you for an award on my blog

  4. I love Target and Old Navy! They always have the cutest clothes! I also picked up the blog bib when they were selling them for .74 cents!

  5. What a giggly bubbly baby Brielle!! Ever wonder what is it about the toothless grin that just makes your day?



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