Friday, June 17, 2011

Tot School Returns!

Yeah, yeah....I've been a Tot School slacker for the last couple weeks. But I'm motivated again and so we're going to pick  it back  up!

Today we did a "craft"....Raya practiced her  coloring and pasting skills and we colored a paper towel tube and then she used a spoon to smear glue on it and glued colored popsicle sticks on. When it's all dry she will have a new "telescope" and she just loves to walk around with it and say "I see you mama!" haha. Her favorite part of today's craft was the glue smearing....she kept saying "more glue Mama" until we had used a good half the bottle :-P

Notice  that even Brielle got to play with markers today!

My goal is to, starting next week, do one letter of the alphabet every week----and plan the week's activities around that letter. There is a blog I read who is great inspiration for this. She doesn't update super regularly, but when she does I am amazed at all the educational stuff she does with TWINS who are Raya's age--I mean, how she engages them for these things I have no idea. I'm going to work up to it, but damn, she must be good haha. Here's an example from her blog of what she did with her boys the week they worked on the letter "C"...the boys were 26 months old, so only one month older than Raya.  

Not sure I'm going to ever be brave enough to do a lot of baking  with Missy Moe, but certainly I can get more creative than paper towel tubes LOL.

Oh, I did find this great video today, that I intend to use for tot school as well. Raya and I sang  along to it today....I think it's a great way to review letters and sounds.

On the potty training front, we are doing pretty good. I'd say we're about back to where we were before we went out of town last weekend, so that's  good! Raya still has no intention of pooping in the potty. She poops in her underwear daily, then tells me she went, then says "yucky!" and wants her panties changed lol. I keep telling her we wouldn't have the "yucky" problem if she just pooped on the potty, but she ain't buying it :-P I'm also not making any attempt to nap and night train her, because she still wakes up from naps and nighttime very very wet. The child drinks a lot of liquids haha. But I'd be very happy to just get the pee thing down right now.

Yesterday I mentioned I like dresses for potty training convienence, but I also like legwarmers! Last night I was a legwarmer making machine hehe. I have been holding on to many pairs of socks I picked up cheap and just hadn't sat down to sew them into legwarmers, so last night I finally did. I made these cool ones for Raya--I got the socks at Walmart and they already had the cool buttons on them at the bottom!--They work great for potty training b/c her legs stay warm without pants interfering :-)

Then I made my blue-eyed girl some legwarmers to match her  pretty blue eyes :-)

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  1. Love the idea of using a letter from the alphabet to teach them. I might have to check out that blog and get some ideas for Kaylee.

    Glad to hear that Raya is still doing good with potty training. Kaylee has been doing good too.

    Love the leg warmers..Keira wears her's all the time. Brielle is just to cute!

  2. ok so I decided to enter the giveway!
    I am following you and LIKED your etsy page.

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  4. The girls look sooooo cute in their leg warmers!!!
    Raya sure looks like she loves her tot school!
    Grama F


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