Tuesday, July 26, 2011

above average overachievers

....that's what my girls are! We had Raya's 2 year and Brielle's 6 month doctor appointments today and (no surprise to me) they are above average overachievers in the weight catergory! LOL.

The stats were as follows:

Raya was 33lbs 12 oz (96th%ile) and 35 inches tall (64th%ile) with head circ. of 49cm (82nd%ile). Doctor said she looked great! She's always been between the 67th and 97th %iles for weight since she was born, so he said it's not concerning at all...she's just a solid little girl! He also said kids this age tend to grow in spurts...at her last appt. she was down to like the 70th %ile for weight and he said that was probably after a growth spurt in height. Now she's back to a higher %ile to weight and probably going to shoot up soon. Developmentally he thought she was doing wonderfully.

Brielle was 17.5 lbs (82nd%ile) and 25 1/4 inches tall (34th%ile) and head circ. of 42 cm (38th%ile). Doctor said she looked great too! She's staying on a pretty consistent growth curve for weight (Raya was 19.5 lbs at 5.5 months, so Brielle is much lighter!) and she continues to be  on the short side, which is no surprise to me b/c both my girls seem to have short little legs hehe. Both Lee and me have short moms though...we'll see if Brielle ever shoots up or not. Developmentally he thought Brielle was perfect and on target.

Between packing up and coming home from my parents' house, going to the doctor, and unpacking here tonight I haven't taken pics to share....so here are some oldies but goodies :-)





Couldn't be happier to have 2 happy, healthy, GROWING girls. We're so lucky :-)


  1. I already knew they were perfect!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  2. I thought our girls would be close in size well at least in pics they look about the same but Kaylee only weighed 27lbs & was 35" at her 2 year check up.

    Keira was 18lbs 10oz & 27.25"
    I think Keira is going to be taller than Kaylee.

    The girls sound like their doing great! Keira just started crawling so there's NO sitting down for this mama anymore!


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