Friday, July 1, 2011

Back with the living

Yes, I'm alive again. As my earlier update stated, we've had a nasty virus here  the last 24 hours...but I'm now back to feeling almost 100% again...yay! Even snuck a handful of Raya's potty training M&Ms, if that tells you anything haha :-)

Here are some pictures to go along with my earlier post.

First, here was Miss Raya this morning, after her long night. Although I'm not sure who had the worst night--Raya or her poor owls and stuffed animals! haha. The poor owl pillow took the brunt of it all--he's looking mighty fresh and fluffy though after his early morning trip through the wash :-P

Brielle still acts fine, although this morning I  could tell she was thinking "Mama, why did I spend the whole night on the couch?!"  Pukefest 2011...that's why Brielle, that's why.

And as further proof as to how "fun" our night was, this is what our living room looked like this morning:

However Raya and I quickly got the wind back in our sails this morning and we were ready to squeeze in a little craft. I had planned to do these Bandaid Butterflies (for letter B week of course) with Sawyer and Raya yesterday, but alas that didn't happen. However Raya had fun with them today! These are so easy and very fun. Just use watercolors to paint some coffee filters and then "scrunch" the filters up to look like wings and stick them to paper with bandaids :-) Draw little heads on the bandaids and add background scenery as desired (Raya wanted to draw "grass" on her picture haha) This activity went along with the hungry caterpillar book I had gotten at the library this week.

**If I would have had colored bandaids those would have been really cute too. I only  had plain ones on hand though.

Brielle can't  wait until she gets to start Mama's Tot School too! :-)

To end, here are a couple pictures of Missy Moe, proving that she's feeling much better today!

...and a couple of Brielle and I from the other day that never got posted...

We totally have the same color eyes :-)
 Oh, and one more house update....fingers crossed but we may have a buyer!! We had someone look at the house on Wednesday night and they were only  supposed to be here until 8pm, but when we got home at like 8:20 they were still here, so we had to "hide" at the neighbor's house until they left. We assumed since they were still at our place that they must be kinda interested and they ended up staying like another 15 minutes after that. Then the next day I  got a phone call that they want to come for a second showing on Saturday!! Fingers crossed that these are finally  our people!! The only small downside is that I was spying on them and saw them when they walked out to their truck, and they aren't who I had imagined taking over the house haha. I know it's irrational, but I had imagined a cute little couple with 2.5 children and a dog (the "perfect" family) moving in and loving the house as much as we have :-) In contrast this  couple *appears* more rough around the edges than my imagined buyers LOL....BUT as many people have pointed out to me that might be perfect because then they are probably  much more willing to overlook our lack of granite counters or the fact that the basement needs some work, etc. Some prissy little wife with her perfect 2.5 kids is probably the type who wants a new I'm hoping hoping hoping that these people make an offer!!!! (and if these potential buyers read my blog then please know that I totally love you and would love for you to buy my house, even if you don't have 2.5 kids and a dog :-)

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  1. I am praying really hard that this couple is the one!!!!!!
    Grama F


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