Sunday, July 10, 2011


Today was daddy/daughter day, as I mentioned in my post yesterday. I needed to work on Etsy orders so Lee was in charge of the girls from 9am until 7pm! Now I know a lot of wives hate when their husbands refer to watching their children as "babysitting", but honestly that is exactly what Lee was doing haha. He is good  at many things--being in charge of children is not one of them LOL. He did survive though, with lots and  lots of Barney on TV! Let's just say no tot school was done, no activities really  of any  kind. No laundry. He made an even worse "house wife" than me! ;-) But the important thing is that I was able to make 9 shirts, 7 hair clips, and a skirt today....yay!

And the girls....well they got their screen time in for the next  week I think :-P

I did make an exception and help Lee out this afternoon though when I found  Brielle naked--b/c Lee claimed he didn't know how to dress her or find her clothes....or something like that! I  had to get my baby girl dressed!

Raya struggled with daddy day a little bit, and kept saying "No! Mama do it!" every time Lee would try to do something haha. He told her "Mama's at work" and Raya stood at the top of the stairs to the basement and called for me. She's such a Mama's girl!!!  ....and I"m so glad :-)

...she was a complete dirtball by the end of the day. I had to do baths for sure!

The girls both love baths!

Look  at all that  chubby baby  goodness! My "little" baby is going to be  6 months old tomorrow people, can you believe it?! Seriously, it's been half a year since I became the mom to two...time flies when you're having fun!

This child has the perfect face I swear.

...and every good bath ends with a pajama party in Mama's bed! It was a BYOB party too (Bring Your Own Barney :-) partying with my girls--beats my younger days hands down!!!

...and I'm so glad this little one joined the  party 6 months ago!

That's it  people--party's over! Check  back  tomorrow for  a sock monkey  photoshoot--everyone's favorite day of the month!!! :-)


  1. Love the bath pics, Raya looks sooooo cute, and did I mention how pretty my little Brielle is!!!!! Can't wait to see everyone thursday!!!
    Grama F

  2. haha, Chris gets mad when people say dads are babysitting.

    Love the pic of the girls in your bed where Brielle is smiling. Also like the romper you bought for Brielle's pics.

  3. Yeah, I can see how a lot of people don't like that phrase....or how a dad could be offended that he isn't seen as just taking care of his kids, but instead babysitting.

    Trust me, Lee isn't offended by it though!!! haha

  4. hehe
    Love that picture of Raya & Brielle where Brielle is smiling, so adorable!
    Cant wait to see miss Brielle's 6 month photos! =)

  5. found your blog on the january birth club (you responded to my paranoid dry drowning question :) your girls are precious beyond belief. motherhood is so hard that i figured i was done with one, but all your pics make me want 2 girls!


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