Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cookies, cupcakes, and candy!

It's letter C week here--what delicious letter Cs we have! :-) With the holiday weekend it's a short week, but we are trying to get in a few letter C activities.

One of my favorite books (which is one that I bought as part of that Children's Book of the Month Club that I mentioned previously) is this one here:

So we read this book and then I was going to have Raya  help me make cupcakes--great idea, right? Well I  went to make them today and discovered that  our box of cake mix expired in 2009 haha. I have no idea how that happened--if we bought it expired or if we really did have one box that hung around  that long LOL. But anyways, I figured the cupcakes might not rise, etc. if the mix was that old so quick thinking Mama just improvised with grahm crackers :-P I called my frosted grahm crackers "cupcakes"....and Raya said she loved the "icecream" as she licked the frosting off them. Yeah, she's not confused at all :-)

Then the "candy" part of letter C week is Raya's potty training treats of course...which I would  just like to say that Raya POOPED ON THE POTTY today!!!!! She said she had to go and I quick took her in there and low and behold she pooped! I made a huge deal about it and we clapped and waved bye bye to the poop, etc. etc. haha. She handled it very well and was so excited to pick out her special candy treat afterwards :-)

For "cookies" I found this very cute book at the library yesterday (which let me just say, Raya got to the library yesterday afternoon and saw other little girls there. She SCREAMED "Mama, look! More kids Mama!!" and then ran after them and hugged them all haha. The other little girls stood there in shock and I had to explain to Raya "we must never hug or kiss other kids unless we ask them first" ....she's such a lover. I told Lee  either she will be the popular friendly girl in school or the outcast who sees the counselor for "boundary issues" hehe. Let's hope its the first one!)

But  anyways, this book is very cute (and cows work for C week  too!):

For another Tot School activity we did some "C"hemistry! This is a very fun science activity to do with little ones. I saw these little foam animal capsules at Kmart (yeah, when Lee lost Brielle haha) and the whole package was only $ days of entertainment very cheap.

I have Raya pick out the capsule she wants and then we turn over the package and she predicts which animal she thinks the capsule will turn into. Then she puts the capsule in the warm water and we (sometimes) patiently wait for it to pop open and take on a shape! Then she fishes out the foam shape and we dry it off and compare it to the back  of the package to identify which animal it is. A simple activity and we're working on very advanced concepts like prediction and classification! Neat :-)

Today Raya predicted an elephant but we got a giraffe :-)

Lastly for Tot School I brought out Raya's sensory tub, which we haven't played with in a few weeks. It was like a new toy again and she played for about 30 minutes happily while I got dishes and laundry done. If you haven't made one of these yet you totally should!

This is what I get when I ask her to "smile"

...and what about my "tiny tot"? Well she has new skills she's working on too! I attached this carseat bar toy to her playmat and sat her  bumbo in front of it. Like magic it turns into a brand new toy and provides hours of enjoyment! :-0

I'm also having Brielle spend more time sitting with her boppy pillow, rather than in the bumbo chair. The boppy provides less support so Brielle has to work  harder to sit on her own, which is good practice! She's getting better about sitting unsupported, but  she still likes to throw herself backwards. She hasn't really figured out that sitting it more advantageous than laying down :-)

And now to end this update, here are some pictures that I'd like to enter into evidence--proof that I gave birth to the most adorable  children on earth :-)

Absolute perfection, right? :-P

And just for Grandma F., some pictures of baby  Brielle, who she predicts will become the prettiest of them all hehe (although we aren't  supposed to tell the other grandchildren that :-)

....Grandma may be right!


  1. your girls are adorable!
    good job Raya for going #2 on the potty!

    With my cert I would be able to help the teachers with lesson plans and help them in the classroom, I dont think I would be able to teach them on my own. But it's a start. To teach on my own I have to take more classes

  2. Way to go Raya !!!! Grama is soooo proud of you!!!
    Those projects all look like sooo much fun!!!! My pretty little Brielle!!!!!!!
    Grama F


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