Sunday, July 3, 2011

Crampin' our style

Let's be honest. Having kids really cramps your style. The things you used to be able to do are either impossible to do with children (i.e. going to a bar), not fun to do with fussy babies (i.e. going anywhere that requires driving), or not fun to do with toddlers (i.e. going boating or any other thing that confines kids to a small space). Then the things that you *can* do with kids (i.e. children's museum, park, pool, etc.) get old after awhile, or don't really fill you with excitement when you're trying to have fun on a holiday weekend.

Like I said, our style has been cramped. The pre-kid days are a distant memory. And as delusional as we may have been when expecting our first child it's clear that even if you swear kids will not cramp your style, they will. It is 100% impossible for them not too.

But you know what?  I kind of love having my style cramped :-)

Because I'd pick a leisurely stroll through a local (and very ghetto) park with my little family over any of those pre-kid activities we did as a couple. ....four is just a way happier number than two :-)

So today, while it may not have been the most "exciting" day I've ever had, I'm thankful that I got to share  it with my girls and husband. We make our own fun!


...because happiness really is a day doing nothing much at all :-)

And the part that made me smile the most today? Coming home and finding Raya like this:

...and Lee took a picture of her little fingers, still gripping her cheerios while asleep haha

And to end today's update, a little story about my wonderful husband and his childcare skills. We stopped at a Kmart to get Raya a fishing pole and browse around. Lee was pushing Brielle (asleep in her carseat) in his cart and I was pushing Raya in my cart. We pushed together for a few minutes and then stopped to look at some shirts for Lee. Then I told Lee I was going to go look at something and I took *my* cart and kid with me. Fast forward a good 15 minutes (seriously people...15 minutes) and I run into Lee...alone. He looks at me and says "where's the baby?" (yeah, see where this is going?) ...I said "haha, you have her"....and which point Lee RUNS away.

....and comes back pushing a still  sleeping Brielle....*his* cart and child. The cart and child *he* was in charge of. The cart and child that *he* had left at the front of the store by the men's shirts 15 minutes earlier when we had split up!!! I kinda sorta freaked out haha...I mean, we were at Kmart people, and you know the questionable people who shop at that store sometimes LOL. He later told me he had been to the bathroom and everything, totally fogetting his baby sitting at the front of the store. I wonder how many people walked by her wondering where the hell her parents were? :-P

At least  she has a good sense of humor...

I'm so glad my pretty baby didn't  end up stolen and on the black market. Don't worry Brielle, I told Daddy that his punishment would be the shame that comes from being called out on Mama's blog :-)


  1. OMG!!!!!!!! The thought of what if just makes me sick!! Good lesson for Lee, bet he never does that again, he probably about had a heart attack!!!! It's a good thing my pretty lttle Brielle was asleep so no one could see those pretty pretty eyes!!!!
    That pic with Raya asleep and the pic with the cheerios are great!!!!
    Grama F

  2. Kids can totally cramp your style but I agree I would rather spend time with my kiddos than do anything else.
    Love Raya's hat, so cute
    OMG I think I would have flipped out on my hubby if he left Keira alone for 15 mins in the store. MEN!!

  3. Cute pics of Brielle with that blue hat. I would kill Lee!! I could totally see Chris doing that too.


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