Monday, July 25, 2011

Dog food, with a side of puffs please

Today my mom squealed "Brielle!!!!!" and I looked to see this:

^^Notice Ollie's face looking on like "Hey, is someone going to stop this brat from eating my food?!" haha

Grandma to the rescue...

The girl can wiggle, roll, and scoot her way into trouble like no one's business!

Grandma decided that if the little dogfood eater could grab that, then she can probably start eating puffs LOL. So far she can't quite grab the puff peices very easily, but she did gum a few little peices...

"I think I prefer the dog food..."

"Just kidding!"

This afternoon I decided to try giving her a Mum Mum instead, because Raya always liked those and they are easier to grab. She wasn't too interested in them though...

"Grandma, *you* can eat them!"

The last two days the girls and I have had a great time with Grandma! (Sorry for the lack of update yesterday...I was too tired!) Yesterday I was originally going boating with Lee while my mom watched the girls, but then the weather wasn't great and Lee couldn't decide what else to do, etc. so instead my mom took us shopping, where we searched the clearance racks for clothes to get Raya for *next* summer...and she treated! (Thanks mom :-) Then today we went to the outlet mall where I found even more goodies (some shirts for me too!) Let's just say Raya now has a very extensive wardrobe for next summer, and I pretty much didn't pay over $3 for anything. Shopping clearance racks for the next year is the only way to go people. Look like a fashionista at a fraction of the cost :-)

Here is just a portion of the loot we scored...the piles of clothes are 2-3 outfits deep and the bags are filled with more stuff too! (And Brielle, the poor second child, mostly gets hand-me-downs, but I did get her a couple new items for next year too--the poor neglected baby :-P

One item that I couldn't pass up for Brielle was this $1.99 elephant hat from Crazy 8...seriously, how stinkin' cute is this?! I think I"m going to have her wear it with some pink argyle legwarmers I made and get some of her 6 month pics taken in it!

"what? My ears stick out?!"

My mom and I can't even count how many people stopped to oooo and ahhhh over Brielle when we were out shopping each day. Raya too, but people can't get enough of Brielle it seems! No secret why...

Today Raya rocked the sunshine yellow tutu skirt, like only she can

She also became somewhat obsessed with the ducks my dad has out in his room...she carried them around, hugged them, kissed them, and said "Mama, I like ducks!" many times LOL

She's a funny girl. Had us cracking up (and pulling our hair out!) all day today. There is nothing quite like a 2 year old, as I like to say. And it's the God's honest truth!

I'm sort of on a book reading kick the last couple days. After the SAHM book I read a couple days back I decided to read "Naptime is the New Happy Hour"....a book about toddlers. It was another quick read, so if you can find it at the library I"d probably recommend that rather than buying it, but I definitely enjoyed it and think that anyone with a toddler, or who has had a toddler, would get a kick out of it.

An example of the "gems" you'll find is this quote here ..."I try to think of my child as a pint-size foreign exchange student: She barely speaks the language and everything in this country is pretty much new to her. While other mothers are planning their four-hour excursion to the aviation museum, my kid's having a blast at the Sprint store."

Or this one (the story of my life haha)...."Basically having a toddler is exactly like hosting an out-of-town guest...indefinitely. Every day is the same as 'your guest' awakens, waiting to be entertained."

And I seriously laughed out loud for this one, talking about T.V. watching toddlers...."'I just want to watch a little more TV,' she answers quietly.....And I just want to read the Internet a little bit longer. It seems like a win-win situation, except for those pesky warnings about too much TV giving her ADD and liquefying her little still-forming brain. I imagine all the other moms who are at this moment coming up with some great project to do with their child or children, a project that involves gluing and glitter, cutting shapes out of construction paper, tracing the outline of a leaf, or even worse, cavorting with nature."

^^My answer to this problem has been sure, watch another episode of Caillou! ...and then humor mommy with Tot School for 10 minutes so I can feel a sense of redemption hehe

Anyways, it's a great toddler mom book...check it out :-)

Speaking of enjoying "nature" instead of brain rotting TV, nothing will make a person *wish* they were inside watching Caillou quite like seeing Daddy squeeze his big butt down Grandma and Papa's little water slide!!!!!!

Yesterday before we left for town my dad told my mom "make sure you buy Raya a present for being such a good little girl" Raya picked out (with help from me haha) this little fish net and fish set to play in the pool/bathtub. She tested it out first in the kitchen sink and also had fun scooping up various other floating toys with the net! She has since used it in the baby pool and bathtub, both of which were big hits. Thanks Papa!

And to end, some pictures of Brielle's outfit yesterday (I have no idea why we had about 5 little old ladies come up and make a big fuss over Brielle yesterday, do you?! :-)   Grandma loves her big flowers!!!! (And Brielle, sadly, loves to EAT them now!)

She can have a full bucket of blocks, and she'll still want the *one* block she can't quite reach LOL

"Got the block Mama, don't you worry"

Later everyone!! Stay tuned, because tomorrow is Brielle 6 month checkup and Raya's 2 year check up, so I should have "stats" to report tomorrow ! :-)

No doubt the girls will be winning over the office staff tomorrow in no time flat...


  1. I need that toddler book!!! Those quotes are AMAZING!!! And I'm so impressed by all the summer steals you got :) I need to do that. Do you go to the outlets or just the mall?

  2. wow lucky Raya, I love to find great deals on the sales rack too! Kiera is the same she gets all of Kaylee's hand me downs.
    Cant wait to see how close our girls stats are.

  3. That Brielle is tooooo funny, I couldn't believe she was already getting into things!!! The look on Olivers face was sooo funny, he couldn't believe she was going to eat his food!! I think we have to find Raya brown cowboy boots!!
    Love always
    Grama D


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