Monday, July 18, 2011

Fighting back

Not much to report today, other than it is FREAKING HOT outside. Seriously, I think they said the heat index is like 114 degrees or something. Needless to say that we are staying inside until winter (or something like that :-)

However I figured that I could only get away with no picture posts for so long. So I got out the camera this afternoon and snapped a few photos for your enjoyment.

Then Brielle declared the photoshoot  OVER :-)

When Raya  got up from nap she did her normal "thing"...first tattling on Brielle--for breathing or some other equally awful "offense"

Then, in an effort to love on/smother the baby she kneeled on her and started to poke and prod...

It wasn't long before Brielle had the puke smooshed right out of her!

But don't worry, Brielle is starting to fight back!!! She loves to annoy Raya now too haha. She especially likes to grab Raya with her slime/drool covered sticky fingers :-)

Usually she can get Raya to squeal and tattle on her, but today Raya was  ignoring her...which confused poor Brielle who was looking for a bigger reaction lol

....but  soon Raya had turned on the love again. Be careful what  you wish for Brielle!

Finally, here are so pictures of my crazy, goofy, oldest child (and proof of why this big  fancy camera drives me crazy! I mean, what in the world is going on with the lighting in these pictures--my trusty little point and shoot would have treated me better than this crap :-P)

The buck teeth look is awesome Raya :-)

Oops...apparently "Sally" flew in her hair haha

Stay cool out there everyone!

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  1. Brielle looks like she is sitting up really well!!! I can't wait to see her 6month pics!!!
    Grama F


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