Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The funny things kids say...

Raya is talking up a storm nowadays. Lee thought it was cute at first  but now he often comes home and after 5 minutes he's saying "OMG, does she ever shut up?" haha. Raya likes to give running commentary throughout the day, but then she also throws in completely random things just to keep us on our toes.

She's fun like that.

Here's a sampling of what comes out of her  mouth at any given time:

Raya: Mama, bug ant crawl in my hair!  (pointing to crib)
Me: What? Where's a bug?!?!
Raya: (SCREAMING) Bug ant crawl in my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: There's no bug Raya, calm down!
Daddy: Here, let me spray special bug spray (sprays Febreeze in her crib haha)
Raya: Mama, bug  ant crawl in my hair and  Dada cleaned it all up
Me: Oh good, will you go to sleep now?

......and another (as we're  leaving the post office...)

Raya: Bye Bye mail!! See you later, I love you!!
Me: (laughing) Are you talking to the post office?
Raya: Yes! Bye bye mail, see you later!

...and another (pretty much any time we're eating in the last 2 days...)

Raya : (Grunting, fists clenched, eyes squinted shut) "I squeeeeeeeeze it out Mama!"
Me: Raya, what are you doing?!
Raya: I did it Mama! I squeeeeeezed it out Mama!
Me: Are you telling me how you poop on the potty?!
Raya: Yes, I squeeeeeeze it Mama!

...and lastly (while playing with her little magnadoodle thing)

Raya: Draw Ray Ray!
Me: You want me to draw you?
Raya: Yes! And draw Mama!
Me: Ok.... (drawing....)
Raya: Draw Daddy! Draw Sissy!
Me: Ok, I'm drawing...
Raya: No!! Dada HOLD sissy
Me: You want me to draw daddy holding sissy?
Raya: Yes
Me: But why? Daddy never holds sissy silly!
Raya: Oh   ......... why?
Me: Daddy can't be in charge of sissy anymore--he'll lose her   :-)

She cracks me up :-P As a stay at home mom it's nice that she's holding conversations now though b/c I have someone to talk to during the day!!  Even if it is usually about poop :-P

My silly girl...

Luckily right now I don't have to worry about TWO of them talking my ears off though. Brielle's mouth is too full to talk anyways!


  1. LOL
    I'm right there with ya Kaylee comes up with some crazy conversations, they usually have us all laughing!

  2. Cherish those funny little things they say, because before you know it they are all grown up!!!


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