Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

....from the  two cutest sisters on the planet (not that I'm biased or anything :-)

Since we didn't have anything in particular  planned  for today  I didn't buy them any speciall 4th of July outfits, but we did try to dress a little festively.

I'm glad I  didn't bother with buying outfits because they weren't having any of my photoshoot today! These were the best  ones, if that tells  you anything LOL

Raya was quickly "over" pictures

Brielle  hung  on slightly  longer

(Brielle went through many outfits today due to puke and poop case you're wondering)

This afternoon Lee's parents came up for  a quick visit. They were kinda  in the nearby area antiquing and called after lunch to see if they could come up. They only stayed a few hours but I could tell they had fun seeing the girls :-) I of course made them take a few quick pictures before they left!

I thought Raya's and Larry's faces were funny in this one haha

Speaking of Lee's side, I  haven't mentioned yet that the girls are getting another cousin! It's officially facebook knowledge now so I  think it's safe to announce here too :-)   ...but Lee's brother Shawn and wife Megan are expecting their second son in November! You may remember me posting about their first son Sam, born in Dec., from this entry:   We are so excited for them and can't wait to go out and visit our new nephew when he's born!! And I keep saying that as long as they keep having all the family boys then that  should mean I get to have all the girls, right?! ;-)

Ok, now for some more pictures, here was Brielle wearing one of her other festive outfits today

We haven't done much today like I said (although we are trying to keep Raya up for another 2 hours so we can go see fireworks--the crying and tantrums are coming more quickly now though so it's not looking so good haha) but anyways, this afternoon I had Raya  begin our big art project. I had bought a 2 pack  of big art canvas and I'm letting Raya fingerpaint them to create her own artwork for the playroom! We are doing it in layers though, until it's covered and "abstract" enough to look cool haha. Today she did the first 3 colors and later we have pinks and yellows to add on top.

It was messy, but fun!

While painting Lee started screaming (yes screaming!) like a little girl. Turns out a tree frog had jumped on his arm and suction cupped itself there haha. He got it off and it took refuge on the siding.

I did a few of my famous "artsy" photos while outside haha

Oh, and last night Lee helped Raya do sparklers...

So Happy 4th of July everyone! Brielle says her first 4th of July was totally awesome--hope yours was too!


  1. Happy 4th of July! the girls look sooo cute in their outfits!! I'm glad you had fun with Lees mom and dad!!!Hope Raya likes the fireworks, I doubt it though because she always covers her ears if something is loud!!
    Grama F

  2. Oh, the noise didn't bother her at all...but she was completely bored by them and super tired, so she begged to go "nigh nigh" the whole time haha.



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