Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hey, it's worth a shot!

This was us, having a family "service" in the front yard tonight. Any guesses as to what we were doing??

Here's a hint....after work tonight Lee spent $13 buying something to bury in the front yard. Here he is reading the instructions...

Need another hint? He purchased this item at the Christian store, and it's house related.

Yes people, he bought a Saint Joseph statue haha. Apparently coworkers told him to do this today. Did you know they sell these as actual home sale "kits"? haha. Nothing like commercializing religion, right? Lee said when he went into the store he couldn't find them and so he asked the store clerk who said "oh, we have so many people asking for these that we keep them here in the front by the checkout"    ....oh my

If you've read my blog for long you know that  I'm not religious. I  was raised Catholic but no longer practice anything. Lee is religious, but never goes to church unless we're visiting his parents....whatever that makes him :-) So when Lee told me he spent $13 on this I was a little  annoyed and a lot skeptical! However he made me promise to "believe" or else the kit won't work, so I tried my best! We read the prayers, the girls and us held hands, it was the whole shindig in our front yard lol

Well, if you're wondering why Brielle is naked it's because  when i picked her up to take her outside (per Lee's request) I got covered in poop! She was covered, our floor was covered, in general a huge mess! I couldn't resist making a smart ass  comment about how Brielle thought this whole thing was a load of crap (sorry Saint Joseph)....and honest to god people, do you know what happened at that EXACT moment?! As I'm making shit about the whole thing I kid you not a minivan drives in front of the house, slows down, looks at the property, turns the car around, and the man in the car pulls out his cell phone and acts like he's calling about our house!!!!!! Lee about lost it--he was like "I  haven't even gotten the thing in the ground yet and we're already seeing buyers!!!"  So needless to say he's convinced LOL. I must admit the whole thing was pretty weird, and so I made a promise that  if Saint Joseph gets  our house sold this month then I'll go to church :-P I'm waiting....

And because this whole family ritual was a "first" for the girls I  had  to take a lot of pictures....enjoy :-)

Kisses for Saint Joseph!

Brielle seemed skeptical too :-P

Lee, I  hope you're right and that this works! I believe, I  believe, I believe.....   

(Don't  miss  my earlier update from today below!)


  1. OMG!!!!!!! Why do you make me laugh soooo hard right before bed!!! I just love the whole idea, I have never heard this before but dad has, we believe, what ever it takes!!!!!
    Grama F

  2. Oh and she almost forgot one part. So here we are just got the shovel out of the garage and like there is no wind at all. we are just getting ready to read the instructions and BAM! the side garage door slams. Shawna follows that up with that is ominous!!! Then a few minutes later some potential buyers drive buy. So everyone please say a prayer to ST Joseph asking him to help us find some buyers for our house.


  3. Lee if this works I owe you alot of cookies!!!!
    Grama F

  4. The people slow down to get a better look at the freaking whack jobs burying shit in the front yard. They were probably calling the police.
    Tell Lee it wont work cause he wasn't standing on his left leg, under a ladder, with a rabbit foot in his left hand, while sacrificing a crow and humming the star spangled banner.
    You owe me $20 for embarressment to the family.

  5. LOL....good one John :-)



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