Thursday, July 21, 2011

I appologize

...but I really have absolutely nothing to talk about tonight!! I know that I follow a handful of blogs religiously and when I come to expect daily updates I am always a little bummed when suddenly they skip a day and I don't get my "fix" haha. I have no idea how many regulars I have visiting me here, but I would like to assume that someone other than my mom looks forward to checking in daily! LOL ...and to you, my hardcore fans, I appologize for today's lack of pictures....of which I have none :-(

So instead please accept this (somewhat pathetic) peace offering of an update...for a "cuteness" fix you can check out my blog entry from one year ago--Miss Raya will give you the dose of adorable that you are seeking :-)

And as an extra P.S., here are some of my Etsy finds that I haven't shared with out all yet.

1) This is cool for anyone who has family spread out--If all my family didn't live in the same place I"d totally get this for the girls' room!

2) I want to buy this pattern and make these rompers for the girls :-)

3) Ideally I wanted this seller to make the girls coordinating quilts for their shabby chic big girl room. I messaged her to see how much it would cost and she did cut me a deal if I bought two, but sadly they were still going to be a good $200 each, just for the twin quilt, and I'm pretty sure Lee would divorce me if I bought them. One can dream though (and I've decided that trying to make something similiar myself would take waaaaay too long and it'd take me away from my Etsy shop, making me lose even more money in lost sales than if I just bought the stupid things. I think manufactured retail store quilts it will have to be! Check out her store though...gorgeous rag quilts  This color scheme of hers would have been perfect for what I'm thinking!

4) Aren't these the creepiest things you've ever seen?

And to end for today, a story about my "darling" Raya. We're at my parents' house today and you see, their basement is currently infested (yes, in my mind this is an infestation worthy of an mom thinks it's easily controlled with a dust buster...but she's the same person who thinks it's totally fine to do dishes by hand, so clearly her perception of "utterly disgusting" is skewed). But anyways, the basement is INFESTED with milipeed things...creepy black worm looking things that crawl all over MY bedroom and bathroom downstairs. I almost died multiple times last time we stayed here and to my dismay they are still around.

So anyways, we were all playing downstairs and I went to sit down and saw a dead millipeed curled up by my feet...I squealed and carefully positioned myself away from the dead carcass and figured my mom would suck it up with the dust buster later. All was well. Later Raya was playing by me, but I wasn't paying much attention to her because I was talking with my mom, and then all of a sudden I hear Raya saying "uh oh Mama! Uh oh!!" and pointing at me. So I tried to figure out what was wrong, kinda figuring she was tattling on Brielle, etc. when all of a sudden I caught a glimpse of the gleaming clean carpet by my foot--the carpet that mere minutes earlier had the dead carcass. At that moment I see the dead carcass ON MY LAP and Raya pointing. My life flashed before my eyes and I instantly realized the little shit had picked up the millipeed and put it on me!!! (She does this with her boogers by the way too, when I"m not looking). I quick stood up and screamed a little and told my mom "what kind of creep does that?!" ...yes Raya, you're a creep....a little bug throwing toddler creep. To add insult to injury Raya then pointed at the millipeed and started saying "snake! Yuck!" and then shivering. So she thought the freaking thing was a *snake* and she STILL threw it at her Mama. Yeah, feeling the love.


  1. I follow :-) ran across your blog from the BB January 2011. My daughter is also a 1-11-11 baby.

  2. Thanks for saying hi Jess! :-) Aren't 1-11 babies the best?!


  3. YUCK!! What a meany butt Raya! I bet she thought it was funny stuff though! Yes, I think your mom needs a little more than the dust buster for said problem! You'll have to tell her I say hi and that as much as I miss your giant family gatherings this makes me happy to not be coming over for the next holiday! LOL. I don't read daily, but I always cath up when I miss a few days!

  4. HAHAHA....I told my mom, Kelly---funny stuff :-)


  5. Funny Kelly!!!!!
    Grama F


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