Sunday, July 17, 2011

I like pretty things.

This morning my parents got home and kindly paid us for house sitting, so while they babysat Lee and I went and spent our money LOL. One of the things I bought was this adorable camo tutu skirt for Brielle...I'm going to try and get some of her 6 month pictures done in it! I'm going to make a matching headband of some kind cute!

I didn't take any pictures of the girls today (gasp!! I know, I know) so instead I thought I'd share my ideas for decorating their bedroom in the new house (yes, we can't sell our house and therefore can't buy a new one, but that doesn't stop me from decorating their hypothetical bedroom in my mind LOL. I plan to have them share a bedroom through elementary school, and then maybe when Raya's in like 4th grade I will split them up (yeah, middle school girls sharing a room--no thank you!) I want to decorate a super girlie bedroom for them to share and then we can redecorate their "teen" rooms as they please :-) This way I figure I'll have them share a bedroom and use the other room for their toyroom, since they'll share most of the same toys.

Well since this is probably the last bedroom I"ll get to decorate for them (I anticipate something horribly bright and guady for their teen rooms since they'll be picking!) I am super excited to go all out (or as "all out" as Lee will allow :-)   I've decided I want to do a shabby chic theme--white furniture, pretty girlie pastel colors (without being "babyish")....maybe some antiques--a pretty rug--I'd even love a chandelier!! Even though I"m guessing Lee will say no to that haha. Here are some of my inspiration rooms:

These are the colors I'm thinking...would love pinks, greens, and blues. Maybe even yellows. Girlie and country and shabby chic! I also love the idea of the chandelier and for sure am having Lee do the tree on the wall!! I love the trees he did in our curent nursery, but for the girls' room I want a more delicate and girlie tree with some pink blooms--like this one :-)

I like the idea of trundle beds or beds with storage drawers underneath. I know these pottery barn beds are ungodly pricey though so we'll have to see what cheap knockoffs are available :-) For sure want two twins beds, each with a white nightstand, and a big area rug inbetween!

...and for Christmas this year I think I"m going to have my parents get the girls each a personalized pottery barn anywhere chair....I have heard awesome reviews about these and think they could each have a chair in a little reading corner of their room

I like this green polkadot one
See, how cute is a room with two little beds for two little girls?! :-) I would not do a canopy though---I"m terrified of them strangling on anything dangly haha. I also want to do matching comforters, but then have like one girl with blue sheets, one with pink, etc. so that their beds don't look 100% identical. Maybe throw an owl pillow on Rayas and a sock monkey on Brielles :-)

I haven't found any bedding that I"m totally sold on yet, but I"m thinking something along these lines as far as colors and style. I'd like it to be a little more "quilt" like though and include maybe one more color, like baby blue or yellow.

I'd then love to do a wall of photos of the girls, maybe all in black and white, with colorful "shabby" frames kinda like this (only I'd paint them myself to match the bedding and wouldn't pay this much!)

I also like the idea of something like this to hand above each of their beds:

I can't afford this, but how stinkin' cute would something like this be in a corner of the room?! Shabby chic goodness for sure!

I like the concept of a ruffled pillow like this and might make some of my own:

I may need to buy this art print for the room too :-P

I also LOVE this print, but I wish the colors were more shabby chic!

I might do something like this instead (only with two little girl silhouettes) b/c it fits the shabby chic theme much better and is also very cute...and I like that it's personalized

I also love this for Raya (owl!)

...and this for Brielle (sock monkey tea party!)

Clearly we better sell our house soon because if I'm allowed much more time just decorating my hypothetical house I will have accumulated quite the wish list!! hehe....if I was busy packing and moving, etc. I wouldn't have time to decorate in my mind :-P

Did I mention that I like pretty things?


  1. I have been doing this same thing, gathering ideas for when we buy our house. The girls will be sharing a room too and I'm thinking grey & hot pink with the same thing matching bed sets and have them be a little different at the same time. is addicting and I've found lots of stuff there!

  2. I think you could make alot of that!!! You could do the pillows with the ruffle, you could find old frames and paint them, you could find an old table and chairs and paint them,Lee could paint the tree and the little girls!!!!!
    Grama F

  3. cute stuff. i saw this the other day but it's hard to comment on my phone. i like a lot of the art you picked out from etsy. i also like the last pic of that bedding, with the bird sheets. where's that from, i wonder if the sheets come in queen? ;)


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