Friday, July 1, 2011

"I puke on owl"

It's been a "fun" 24 hours here at the house....we've all  had some sort of flu bug!! The only one who has escaped it so far is Brielle....fingers crossed she doesn't  get it! I spent all day yesterday laying in bed and thankfully my mom still came up to visit yesterday as planned so that she could watch the girls while I tried not to puke haha. Sadly Sawyer didn't get to come...I had fun stuff planned and Raya was so excited, but we didn't want Sawyer to get sick! Lee has been sick the night before but  was able to drag himself to work yesterday.

...and then last night. Oh god, last night. We put Raya to bed early and Brielle and I fell asleep on the couch at like 7pm. I woke up at 2am to blood curdling screams from Raya. I went in her room and didn't even turn on the light...I just picked her  up and took her to the playroom to rock  her a little. I thought she'd go right back to sleep. Well, as we're rocking she starts saying "nap all done Mama" and "I play with Dada"...and I said "no, you need to go back to's still night time." That's when she said "I puke on owl" and I was like "no silly, you didn't puke" (because honestly she jokes about fake puke a lot for sissy and I didn't smell puke or anything on her!) but she kept saying "I puke  on owl" so finally I  went into her room, turned on the light, and OMG....puke EVERYWHERE in her crib! Then I looked at Raya and it was all caked in her  hair!!! All of herr lovies and stuffed animals were covered which pissed her  was just horrible. I called for Lee and he stripped the crib and got everything washing while I gave Raya a bath. But then she puked again after that and couldn't  go back to bed b/c all of her  stuff was dirty, so she watched TV and "played" until about 4 or 5am while I napped on the couch. Sometime after 4 or 5 she must have fallen asleep on the couch and then at 7am I woke up to her screaming (in happiness!) b/c she had woken up and seen all of her owls and lovies laying next to her--Daddy had gotten them out of the dryer and placed them around her before he left for work haha.

Now today so far I'm feeling a little better and can actually sit up and eat some toast. Hopefully the worst is over!!


  1. Oh wow that does not sound fun at all. Hope you guys are feeling better today!!

  2. Glad my girls are feeling better, enjoyed thurs with the girls even though our plans changed!!!1
    Grama F


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