Friday, July 29, 2011

In mourning.

Please, let's all have a moment of silence as we mourn the death of picture day.


I  woke up this  morning and saw Brielle's picture outfits ironed and ready to go. I saw the sun shining. I happily skipped off to my coffee pot to enjoy a few moments before getting everyone ready and heading to the photoshoot.

And then Brielle woke up.

And I saw THIS:

Ok, perhaps I'm not making myself clear...I saw THIS:

She came down with Raya's cold ON PICTURE DAY!! I mean, seriously! I spent a good 20 minutes trying to figure out if I could still do pictures. Ya know, bring a box of kleenex, maybe photshop out the red eyes and snot, pray that she wasn't grumpy...but in the end I decided we just couldn't do it. And so sadly I had to reschedule :-(

I haven't heard back yet, but  hoping we get rescheduled in the next week or two since these are her 6 month photos and she's already almost 7 months. Gosh darn can't  plan anything with kids I swear!

Needless to say I've had my fair share of poop and snot over the past few days. Let's all hope that  the little snot nosed brats don't get *me* sick !! :-)

In other  news, thankfully Raya seems to be on the mend slightly today. Her nose isn't nearly as runny, although she still won't eat worth a darn.

Ok readers, I need some help. See Raya's jeans^^^^ ?? Well, she has always been hard to fit for jeans, but Children's Place jeans have been my go to pants in the past. She had outgrown the 24 month ones and their next size up is 3T so I found a great deal on ebay for 4 pairs of size 3T children's place jeans in a variety of styles. Let's just say that none of them work! They all fit her  waist fine, but then are super tight over her ghetto booty and big thighs, and then a good 2-3 inches too long! Unless she has a serious growth spurt and slim down soon I think this fall and winter she'll need a 4T butt/thigh, 3T waist, and 24 month length haha.

So, short of wearing leggings and dresses every day, does anyone have any suggestions for pants that might work? Know  of a brand that caters to the short and stocky toddler crowd? Please share your wisdom if you do!!!!

Because this whole pant thing is starting to get ridiculous and could seriously hinder her famous baby model career plan :-P

It got to the point that I don't think she was even able to stay upright in them...and she kind of waddled around haha

So clearly I have one of my baby models who can't fit into clothes, and the other who can't keep her snot off them! :-P

Lastly, I'm so happy to report that  my Etsy shop is doing great! Yesterday I made over $70! I told Lee if I could keep up that pace we'd be all set haha.

Anyways, one of the orders I was excited to get was someone who wanted a custom pig birthday outfit...she wanted a shirt and skirt in pinks and possibly pink gingham fabric. So I put together an idea and she liked my plan and decided to buy from me. So then I really had to deliver, or risk ruining a one year old's birthday! haha. Well I made the shirt last night and I think it turned out so cute!!!

I still have to finish up the skirt, which is pink gingham with a hot pink trim at the bottom. So cute!

Then yesterday I got a fun custom order as well. A mom wants a halloween costume for her toddler--the white "angry bird." Now I've never played angry birds, but I think it's some game on your phone??? She sent me a picture of the white angry bird and it looked easy enough to do so I'm putting that on a onesie and then making a white tutu to go with. Should be fun! :-) I'll have to share pics when I get that one done.

Happy Friday...not! (or should I say "snot" :-)


  1. awe that sucks! Hope Miss Brielle gets better soon and the snot lightens up for you!

    I buy Kaylee's pants from the Children's Place too, but she's still in the 24 month ones, but theses jeans are the ONLY ones that fit her right.

    quick question, I know your busy with your etsy orders but I bought more long socks from Target (they had a bunch of new ones). Would I be able to send them to you and have you make me legwarmers again and I'll pay for the shipping back?

    have good weekend!

  2. No I can wait. Thank you, I think I still have your address. I might make one more trip to Target to get a few more.

    Thanks again =)

  3. Oh my goodness!!! My poor little Brielle, too bad you didn't come home today , I could give her extra love!!!!! Love Raya in her jeans!!! I'm afraid she is going to have to wear skirts for a while!!!!!! Love, love , love the pig onsie!!!!!! You need to list that on your site, I bet it would be a good seller!!!1
    Grama F


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