Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mississippi River Museum

Today was Lee's last day of vacation so we took  the girls to the Mississippi  River Museum. I  had been there once way back  when, but Lee had never been. Raya likes aquariums and fish in general, so we figured it'd be a good family activity.  She really enjoyed it!

Basically the  museum just has a few aquariums of freshwater fish and some little hands on activities  for  kids. Then there is a 2nd  building that is fairly new that has an aquarium of saltwater fish and then a little splash/play area for kids. Lee enjoyed seeing some of the fish and telling Raya about how he's caught them from his boat haha. I just liked getting out of the house! But in general it's not  something I'd be dying to go see again anytime soon, just b/c it cost $15 per adult and we had seen everything we wanted to see in less than 2 hours.

Here  are a few  pics  of our day :-)

There weren't many t hings  for  a 5 month old to do! haha....so Brielle happily  hung out in the stroller :-)

There was an area where you could "pet" a snail and a crawdaddy looking thing. Raya actually  did touch them--I was surprised

Then there was a place to pretend you were driving a barge...

This was one of my favorite little stations....you pretended you were on a raft floating the mississippi haha.

At this point the camera fell to the ground. Depending on who you ask either one of two things happened. Either a) I carefully handed the camera to Lee, who had asked for it, and he fumbled the camera and dropped it....or b) I  carelessly tossed the camera to Lee without waiting for him to be ready and have a good grip on it. Regardless of which scenario you want to believe (it was A by the way :-) the camera started acting funky  and pretty much 90% of the pictures we took from that point on didn't turn out. Bummer! We still  aren't sure if it's broken beyond repair yet or not.

Here are a couple we salvaged though...

This was the area where the kids could drive their  little boats on the "streams" etc. and play in the water. Raya liked it, but not as much as I thought she would. Part of the problem was that she was too short to reach the water without a stepstool so she couldn't get to the things as well as she wanted and then started to lose interest.

After the museum we drove around  for like 20 mintues so that Raya  could take a quick nap in the car. Then we stopped at Perkins for a late lunch (yum!) before heading to Jumpin' Janes haha. I had done a google search to find other activities near the museum and found this inflatable jumping play land place. It was actually really awesome. Adults were free and Raya only  cost $4....so we could play as long as we wanted for $4 total. It's basically a giant building filled with tons of inflatables to jump in and then it's also got a big playland thing and also a bunch of step 2 climbers and stuff spread around...and a little room with a playhouse and other toys for little ones. And it's funny b/c it's full of leather recliners and massage chairs with big flat screen tvs so that the parents can kick back while the kids play LOL. But Raya was scared to play by herself so lee and I took  turns going on the stuff with her. It was fun b/c we were free but actually those inflatable things were really fun! :-)

Like I said, the camera at this point was shot....but you can kinda make out some of the things here. Like this big  play structure (which Raya wasn't brave enough to try)

And  then just a ton of various jumpy things like t his:

Mom, it'd be fun to take Raya and Sawyer up there sometime and maybe meet Angie with the kids and all play :-) I think Raya would be braver to play by herself with other kids she knew too.

To end, I took these pics of Brielle with the broken camera....and although the pics are totally messed up I  sorta love them! Pretend it's a fancy setting on my camera to give them an artistic look haha

My absolute FAVORITE:


  1. I think Sawyer and Raya would love that play station!!!
    Love that last pic of Brielle!!! How many times do I have to remind everyone that I knew Brielle was a beauty from the very beginning!!!!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  2. sounds like you guys had a great day
    that last picture of Brielle is adorable!

  3. Cam loves Jumping Janes. I think we are going to do his b-day party there.


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