Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Officially official :-)

Houston, we have an unassisted sitter on our hands now, it's official! Brielle suddenly seemed to figure out the whole sitting thing today. She went long periods of time sitting and playing ...I'm ready to say she's officially a sitting machine I think!

This is pretty much the exact same age, give or take a week, that Raya started sitting too. I was banking on Brielle taking after Raya when I planned her professional photos for the end of the month so I"m glad she didn't let me down...I wanted some sitting pictures this time! :-)

She sat and played on the floor for quite  awhile while I put away laundry...

This face made me laugh :-P

Brielle had fun playing with  Raya  again today...

But  as Brielle gets bigger I'm starting to see glimpses of the sisterly bickering to come. Raya does NOT like Brielle toucher *her* toys. Raya screams "uh oh, Mama look! Sissy no!!"  any time Brielle plays with a toy that isn't specifically a baby toy haha. Today they were playing with the kitchen set like this:

...and then when Brielle had the nerve to touch "Raya's kitchen" the fridge door convienently slammed into her and made her fall. Yes, Raya was scolded!

Today was one of those days when I was so glad to be a stay-at-home mom. At this age especially it seems like Brielle is learning something new every day! With Raya at daycare I felt like I didn't get to see all of these gradual developments as she learned things. By the time I got home from work, picked her up, made dinner and fed everyone, then it was time for bed! ....and suddenly a month had gone by and Raya had learned a bunch of new things and it was like I missed it all! So thankful I'm getting to relive it again with fun and amazing to watch them learn every day!

Today was also one of those days that made me wish I worked  outside  the home! LOL...funny how that goes isn't it? Well Miss Raya today wet her pants FIVE TIMES before lunch! Seriously, I have no idea what she was doing! She wouldn't even tell me she was wet either. I swear she was just being incredibly  lazy! As much as I hate to admit it I ended up giving her a timeout for wetting her pants b/c I had decided it wasn't an accident anymore. She had  a warning and then wet her pants again so in to timeout she went!!! And wouldn't you know, after that timeout Miss Raya never wet her pants again all day. Little shit. Should be  letting a daycare provider deal with her pee all day! :-P

Let's finish on an up note, shall we? Today was one of those days that made me so glad I'm a stay-at-home mom hehe :-) Why? Because I'm truly having so much fun planning activities for Raya and I and teaching her things! And she's actually starting to catch on too! This week  is letter D week and she is pretty consistently identifying letters A and D....B and C are a little more hit and miss but we'll practicing!

For letter D week we went to the library yesterday and got books on Daddies, Dolphins, and Dinosaurs! We even found a book of dinosaur crafts and so today we did a couple of them. Raya did all  the painting--I did the assembly :-)

She was mad here b/c the blue was all gone. Blue is her favorite color apparently
because she picks it for everything!

We did a dino egg baby and a paper plate dinosaur (which Lee says looks like a turtle :-P)
Know what I am loving most right now? Raya has started spontaneously saying "I love Mama" and giving me hugs  (cue the "awwws")....I melt every time she does it. She used to always say "i love you" if I'd cue her or if I'd say it to her first....but  over the last couple days I'll just be going about my day and she'll come up to me and give me a big hug and say "I love Mama" in the cutest voice ever :-) I  of course always respond " I love Raya"  ....totally the best mommy moments to date I think. (And yes, she's already figured out how to time the I love yous after time outs as well haha.

Lastly, country living at it's finest--a Mama turkey and her babies walking through the yard tonight

Look at the little babies perking up to listen just like Mama!

Lee brought Raya out to see the turkeys :-)


  1. That pic where Raya knocked Brielle over is funny, the look on Brielles face is priceless. just wait until Brielle starts getting into Rayas stuff!!!!!! I knew Brielle was close to sitiing, her pics will be sooo cute!
    Hey what about Donna For the letter D!!!!!!!!!!
    Grama DDDDD

  2. Good job Brielle!
    Kaylee did the same thing 2 weeks ago with having accidents, she had 4 accidents and wasn't saying anything either. She got a time out as well. But she's been doing awesome.
    Thats cool that you get to see turkeys in your backyard.

  3. way to go Brielle! I can't get over the turkeys... wild turkeys are so weird to me.


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