Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our claim to fame

Living in the midwest we don't have oceans, we don't have hot destination spots for tourists, etc. But what we DO have is corn. Lots of corn. And this time of year is when the sweet corn is readily available at roadside stands everywhere you turn...I'm a sweet corn-a-holic and I LOVE this time of year!

Last night Lee brought home our first dozen ears of the season. And when we have sweet corn nothing else matters---it's a meal in and of itself! We cooked those bad boys up, loaded on the butter, and ate to our heart's content. And Raya? Well she said "I like corn Mama!" as she licked off the buttery goodness :-)

So today I decided to look back at Raya's previous sweet corn seasons and thought I'd share some pictures so we can all remember way back when :-P

Remember  Raya's very first experience with sweet corn?

Then her second summer she enjoyed corn at Grandma and Grandpa's house

And now this year is Raya's 3rd sweet corn season...she's a real pro now :-)

This is the face of a corn-on-the-cob pro! :-)
So all you people on the coasts who think you're cool with your oceans and beaches, or those of you in the South who think you're so special with your warm weather while I'm freezing my ass off in harsh midwestern winters, I say to you "who's cool now?!" ...yep, it's us midwesterners with our sweet corn, farmer's tans, and small town county fairs (which are abundant now too, and we'd be hitting some up if it wasn't so blasted hot outside!!!)

I mean seriously, this was what our windows looked like this morning...all steamed up!! I tried to take a picture outside today and my camera lens fogged over immediately!

In other news, my Etsy shop has been "heating up" lately too! I'm excited about a custom pig themed first birthday outfit I get to work on...and here is a little outfit fit for a true fashionista, which was a baby gift for someone Lee works with (he volunteered my services lol) I added a ruffle butt to the onesie just b/c I know how much Lee hates them :-)

And just because  I have them, here are pictures of Raya and Brielle being cute this morning...enjoy!

I appologize for Raya's dirtball appearance. Clearly I didn't  wash her up very well after breakfast...I hadn't even noticed the food stuck to her forehead until now! lol

Raya is so funny, she actually  seems to enjoy playing with Brielle, even despite the age difference! Sawyer doesn't show any  interest in playing with Harper from everything I hear, but Raya seeks out Brielle and actively plays with her, shows her how toys work, etc. It's so cute!

And before I go, when I was looking for the sweet corn pictures of Raya from years past I came across this picture from last summer that made me laugh. Do you all remember this one? Raya was playing at Sawyer's and the next thing I know I saw THIS:

She had a golfball in her mouth!!! Too funny! Makes me laugh every time I see it :-)

Oh, and in house news, we sadly found out that the house behind us (which started at 220k and kept dropping their price to meet ours) ended up selling for only 175k! Crap. We had asked our realtor to find out b/c that's probably what will be used for a comparable to ours...and it actually had more land and a remodeled kitchen! That's only 5k more than what we PAID for our house...and we've put over 10k into it. I have a feeling we are going to be lucky to get out from under this house and break even :-( Not a good time to sell AT ALL. Hopefully we can make it up by getting a new house for under value too, but the houses sell much higher in our new location than here. We're pretty much screwed. SCREWED I tell ya! :-P


  1. we've only seen corn at the grocery store so far, no stands yet (but i haven't been out of the house in a couple days... too hot haha).

    the golf ball picture cracks me up.

  2. There are a couple stands open up are way :-)


  3. Love the pic with Raya taking a bite of the corn!!! I don't remember the golf ball pic, too cute!!!! Brielle looks like she is enjoying all Rayas attention!!
    Grama F


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