Saturday, July 9, 2011

Practice Run

Today I decided to do a practice photoshoot with Brielle wearing the outfit I've chosen for her 6 month photos at the end of the month. I love professional photo day. As soon as one session is over I start thinking about what I want to do for the next ones! hehe. If I can get her sitting (which she still won't  do!) then we're going to try and go outside for some pics. Well normally with babies we do naked pictures or just a diaper cover or leggings, etc. because babies really don't photograph very well in clothes. But I thought being outside it'd look a little odd not to wear clothes so I wanted to get Brielle a little romper--I thought that would photograph best on a baby. So for $6 I found this bright and summery romper and I think it's going to look great! I have two different hair pretty options as well--if she can rock the look this well for my crappy old camera then I have no doubt that the photographer  is going to get some frame worthy shots--can't wait!!!!

Enjoy :-)    ....I  thought this blue  flower  would  bring out her eyes in the pictures...

I should become a baby stylist to the stars :-P

....and then this clip I turned into a headband, and Brielle says that the  flower to head ratio is just PERFECT :-)

Have I mentioned how cute this child is?! Sorry, broken record....but seriously, how cute is she?!

....and then to end, a couple pics of the girls from today--their life is one big photoshoot hehe

Tomorrow Lee is watching the  girls ALL DAY so that I can work hardcore on Etsy orders. I gave him his choice of either today or tomorrow and he picked tomorrow. It'll be his very first time *ever* watching both girls for more than just a few minutes while I'm in the shower or something. Should be very very interesting hehe. I feel like I"m subjecting the girls to some sort of sick  experiment LOL...if  Lee doesn't "forget" one of them somewhere I'll consider it a success!!!! Stay tuned ;-)


  1. OMG the last black and white pic of Brielle with the head band and flower is just toooooo cute!!! Can't wait for her professional ones! Love the romper and blue flower too, but the head band and big white flower is really cute, she would look adorable with just that and maybe a diaper cover!!!
    Grama F

  2. My best friend is having her baby by c-section tomarrow and she bought that outfit (the bright colorful one) for the hospital pictures.


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