Friday, July 8, 2011

Raya's "special" morning with Mama

My friend Bridgett had offered to watch Brielle some time if I ever wanted to do something without a crying  baby today Raya and I had a special morning out to run errands and get groceries, while Brielle played at Bridgett's house.

It was so nice  to get groceries and only  have to worry about one child haha. Raya had a ball "helping" me and pushing the cart, picking out her own fruits, etc. Everyone at the store got a kick out of Raya ensemble as well...which included her rainboots:

I told her the boots  didn't match, but alas she didn't care. She was crying "I like boots Mama!!!" and trying desperately to put them on her feet. Finally I just said "OK"...I mean, if she wants to look like a dork who am I to stand in her way, right?! :-)

...when we got to Bridgett's she  asked if it was raining....

Raya and I also had  lunch at Pizza Hut today. Cheap lunch buffett for Mama and Raya was free :-P She kept saying "I like this Mama!!!" ...she was a very cute lunch date :-)

Brielle was a good girl for Bridgett too, from what  I hear. She slept a lot Bridgett said--probably  because she  knows Mama is making her take naps in her crib now and she wanted to take advantage of snuggling on a person while she had the chance!!

(I stole this picture of Bridgetts that she posted....)

She never makes strange with people like Raya used to. She's my friendly, smiley baby!

To end, just some pics I took of Brielle today. She was looking cute in her peiced together outfit--leggings from one outfit, a too small dress of Raya's...came together nicely though I thought :-)

No Tot School today--I have to clean while  Raya is napping and then put  in some late nights  on Etsy orders. I've had some birthday shirt orders recently and then the items for my giveaway winners that  I planned to work on this weekend---but then I got home today and had an order from that store at the mall (who I hadn't heard from in a month and kind of assumed they didn't want anything else)...but she just placed an order for more birthday shirts and hair clippies plus a now my Etsy plate is very full!! Oh, and I got my first feedback on my ruffle butt underwear--a raving review haha. Those are my most "favorited" item in my store--everyone seems to love them! Which makes me happy because Lee thinks they're "ridiculous" ---what does he know! ;-)


  1. sounds like you & raya had a great time together.
    Brielle & Keira sound the same in that they will go to anyone and not cry. Kaylee on the other hand didn't want to go to anyone she wasn't familiar with. Keira is my happy smily baby too

    Thank you for the sweet comment.

  2. Dad just loves the pic Bridgett took of Brielle, he wants an 8x10 (no kidding) Sounds like everyone had a good time today, glad the business is going well!
    Grama F

  3. Bridgett just took that on her phone I think. I'll have to ask her if those print out nice :-)



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