Wednesday, July 6, 2011

R.I.P. camera is officially  dead :-( It went from taking broken, yet artistic photos to taking very "sick" looking photos this morning

And  no, a black  fog hasn't taken over our living room :-P

So it looks like I"m going to have to bring out my other camera...bummer! The other camera is actually a very nice and "fancy" camera...but  it's so big! I love my little point and shoot and want to be able to put my camera in my pocket and always have it with me. I don't like using a bigger camera, even  if it does take nice  pics LOL. Guess I'll have  to deal  until I come up with a reason why Lee should buy me another one! :-)

Since we have  a serious lack of photos today I thought I'd do various "updates" that I've been meaning to do.

First, potty training...Raya is doing awesome! She basically has no accidents ever anymore. She wears underwear all day long and I never have  to remind her to go. Even though I put pull ups on her when we go out in public, she still remembers to use the potty and only has an accident if we're driving, etc. and she asks to go and  I don't  want to pull  over haha. Sometimes a diaper is just easier :-P However, she WILL NOT poop on the potty. Oh least she's  been timing her poop so that it's in her diaper at night lol

Second,  nursing. Brielle is *almost* weaned.  I  don't know if other moms just like to dramatize the whole weaning thing, or if my girls are weird, but niether Raya nor Brielle ever cared when I started switching them to formula. They both seem to have the attitude that they  just  want food and as long as I feed them something they are happy! Brielle still nurses once at night  and then every once in awhile she nurses once during the day if I feel like it. I'm just letting nature take it's course at this point and when there is no more milk she'll be done I guess :-)

Third, sleeping through the night. Well, I've made the  initial steps with  Brielle. For the last 3 or 4 days I've been laying her in the crib for all naps, and she usually cries for maybe 5 minutes until she falls asleep. She still only takes short cat naps, but at least she's in her crib. The only problem I'm finding is that during the crying at the beginning she tends to roll over and get herself stuck and cornered in her  little  crib, etc. and really pisses herself off and sometimes leaves red marks on her head! So then I go and move her, which draws out the crying because I went in there. But even with her breatheable  bumper she is still getting stuck some times! She really needs to move to Raya's big crib so she has more room, but  we don't  want  to move Raya to a big  girl bed until  we move....vicious cycle. At night then Brielle is going in her crib for the first part of the night, but then when  she wakes up I sitll bring her to bed. I'm so torn on how to break her of that b/c if I do cry it out then she wakes up everyone else and Raya and Lee are grumpy. Maybe they'd get used to it eventually, but it'd just suck  for everyone involved at the beginning. Still thinking about how to best  go about that...

Fourth, the house update. We don't  know any more really. The realtor is supposed to follow up with the people who did a second showing last Saturday...hopefully we hear something soon. He said the previous people who were trying to get financing are still "trying" and he suspects they are dragging their feet a little.  They haven't  bought  anything else, but in general we seem to have  a problem with everyone who likes are house just not being in any big  hurry to buy. I mean good lord, are we the only ones on the face of the planet who actually *need* to move?! So anyways, no real  news there.

That's  about alll  for today...I'll try to get some pictures up and running again for tomorrow :-)


  1. When my pretty little Brielle is weaned and sleeping during the night she gets to come stay with Grama!!!
    Grama F

  2. You are lucky. I'm not weaning Sam right now, but when we were having issues a few months ago I mixed half my milk/half formula and she wanted nothing to do with it. Wouldn't even put it in her mouth after the first few drops. I also made her cereal with formula once and she perjectile spi it at me like "what the hell is this". So Sam wants nothing to do with formula. Good thing I have so much milk in stock! LOL.


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