Friday, July 15, 2011


Remember the whole "bug ant in my hair" from my earlier post this week? Well it became clear that Raya was referring to flies and she is actually scared of all flies haha. Well obviously that isn't going to "fly" with the number of flies we encounter in the summer around here LOL, so yesterday my mom told Raya that the flies are named "Sally" and that they are our friends :-) So now Raya goes around saying "Hi Sally!!!" to every fly she sees and when they fly away she says "See you later Sally!"'s quite comical. She still gets upset when they land on her and stuff but she's not crying about it, so we're making improvements.

This morning we had a playdate with my friend from school growing up. Her two boys are a little older than my girls, but everyone had fun playing at the park and then going to the little wading pool.

After some much needed afternoon naps the girls and I relaxed in the air conditioning--it's hot!! Raya just couldn't keep her hands off sissy, as usual. Raya now walks around during the day saying "Mama, I like sissy"   ...yes, yes she does

Brielle has been working on sitting unassisted but is still having trouble. Actually, she isn't having trouble--she can sit just perfectly on some occassions--it's just that 99% of the time she's a hyper wiggly baby who deliberately falls over trying to reach, grab, pull, lick, etc. haha...if she'd just sit still she'd be good to go!

Did I mention that we're housesitting for my parents and that my mom made us the BIGGEST container of homemade cookies that I've ever seen? Seriously, we've got cookies coming out our ears and we love it! :-) Raya got her cookie on after nap today...

Here's some brain barf for today (random crap to share :-)--------------

Raya peed on my foot tonight. She had to go really bad and as I was helping her on the potty she peed all over my feet....

Today I overheard Lee say to Raya "That's a C, for kitty"  .....

Saint Joseph hasn't done shit for us yet.

Raya found an old doll paci today and her face lit up like nothing I've seen before. She declared it "Ray Ray's paci!!" and ran to get a blanket and play the "nigh nigh" game :-P

She's such a big girl though that she handed it over when I asked and never asked for it again. Phew....that was a close one! :-)

That is all.


  1. I know you're sad that your camera broke, but these photos lately are awesome... you must be using the big one!!

  2. haha...yes, at first I was using the really old little one but then that battery died and I can't find the finally I was forced to break out the big camera! I do like it, but the pictures are either really good or super blurry, b/c there are many settings and things to control versus my trusty little guy that broke :-)



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