Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday mornings...

...are something special. As a stay-at-home mom every morning is  pretty relaxing compared to trying to get out the door on time for work, etc. But that doesn't mean that I can't recognize the joy that  is Saturday morning. There is just  something special about a relaxing Saturday morning spent in pjs, watching Barney, playing with toys, and being a family. Sisters.

How cute  is Brielle's little hand on Raya?!

The girls are doing a little better, but  still have those darn colds! I figured I'd be a pretty crazy mom if  I dressed a sick baby up in something cute and did a photoshoot for you all, so I'm sorry---but that's all I have for you today!!

....oh wait, what's this? Just a minute....I *do* have a couple more pictures here....

Crazy mom here :-)    Hey, but in my defense my little sickling did seem to be  enjoying herself!! My pretty girl doesn't let a little cold stop her for rocking a photoshoot. Let's hop that when I finally  get her pictures rescheduled that we get some big smiles like this too!!

Can't wait until it's cold weather and hat season again!

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  1. Those pics with the girls are sooooo cute!!!! I love the way Brielle is touching Raya!!! Brielle looks soo cute in her outfit, such a pretty girl!!!
    Grama F


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