Thursday, July 28, 2011

She's got the look

This morning I had Brielle test run her outfits for her 6 month pictures tomorrow. I hope she's in a good mood tomorrow so we can get some cute pictures!

My camera was  being stupid today so please excuse the poor  lighting in these pictures.

Here is Brielle  in her elephant outfit. As I said in my previous entry I had found this hat on super clearance and thought it would make for some fun pictures. However I thought I had legwarmers that matched it and when I got home I discovered those were the wrong color pink and clashed. I of course couldn't find anything in Brielle's closet to wear with the stinkin' hat for pictures! last night I whipped up a polkadot onesie for her  to wear...I think it turned  out cute :-) Brielle however wasn't feeling these pictures....only  got a couple smiles  at the very end. Hopefully this photographs better tomorrow b/c I think it'd be really cute if Brielle cooperated!

Check out my Etsy listing for this  onesie here:   I will match it to anything you want!!! Use the coupon code "BLOGLOVER" to get 20% off anything in my shop! :-)
Then this is the camo skirt I mentioned awhile back too. I can't decide if I should have pictures with or without the brown onesie....what do you all think? I took pics both ways today and I thought it looked nice with the brown, but I also liked the baby chub without the onesie. I need someone else to make the decision for me so please weigh in :-P

....and clearly we may have trouble tomorrow getting any pictures in this anyways, b/c she wants to eat the skirt!!

I made a little  hair clippie to match this last night. Not quite sure  how I feel about it either haha. Opinions? I attached it to this cream headband but I could maybe find a different headband to hook it to. I just wasn't sure what to do and came up with this lol

...and now some without the onesie

And this headband we're wearing with that summery romper I had posted awhile back.

I was hoping to do the summery romper and the camo outfit outside but I'm not sure the weather will cooperate so we might have to do everything inside her studio...we'll see!

Thankfully Raya  doesn't have pictures tomorrow. She's a grump and snot nosed :-P

Wish us luck tomorrow!!!


  1. i much prefer the camo skirt withOUT the onesie. it is super cute with naked baby. i think the headband is cute too.

    the onesie is cute but i think that elephant hat would look cute with naked baby too. :)

    good luck!

  2. Yeah, the elephant hat would have been fine nake too...I just didn't want all her pics to be naked :-P Plus I didn't even have a diaper cover to match the hat. Lee doesn't like naked baby pictures so he'd probably freak if they were all like that haha.


  3. so adorable, cant wait to see her pics. i say camo skirt without the onesie!

  4. I love the tutu with naked baby and hair bow!!!! The elephant hat would also be cute with naked baby but you don't want them all naked, I pick tutu naked!!!! The onsie is adorable though!
    Grama F


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