Saturday, July 16, 2011

Splash Pad

Today we took the girls to the splash pad. I really wish there was a splash pad back where we live because 1) I hate swimming myself and 2) Raya only maintains attention on swimming for about 1 hour for those reasons paying admission to an actual pool is not something I really like doing. The free splash pads are the way to go--let Raya run around while I sit in the shade at a picnic table haha. There are multiple splash pads in town around home so that is really nice. Wouldn't it be nice if we were to move back home? Hey, there's a novel idea! ;-P

So anyways, today we did the spash pad. But you know what? Of course the weather was cloudy and cool LOL. We went right away in the morning and it hadn't started getting hot yet...oh well. Thankfully Daddy agreed to do some splash pad with Raya so that I didn't have to get wet!

It was cute because at one point another little girl who was maybe 3 or 4 came to play and Raya suddenly decided that this particular girl was the one she would choose to be her friend haha. She ignored all the other kids except this little girl, who she hugged numerous times and followed around like a little puppy :-)

^^ Raya LOVES riding on Lee's shoulders.

...and this is the face we got when he said no more shoulder rides:

Brielle, my normally happy baby, was for some reason completely unamused by this mornings splash pad outting! I got a lot of serious looks...

And sorry people, I just couldn't do it. The big fancy camera was sitting here, and I knew I wanted to take some pictures today, but the idea of lugging the big camera with me was just not appealing!!! So I snuck my mom's point and shoot in my pocket hehe. Still tried to take some "artsy" photos of Brielle though while the two of us watched Daddy and Raya play.

Nothing like little baby tooties! ....which need to be trimmed by the looks of them haha

THis photo was a mistake, because I accidentally cut Brielle's face off...but then I decided it was kinda cool anyways :-)

Even on my lap she was still not appearing to have any fun at the splash pad! Love those cheeks when she's looking so very serious :-P

Tomorrow Grandma and Grandpa get back from vacation...Raya is excited!

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