Thursday, July 14, 2011

Splish, Splash, Slide into Summer!

Well yes, it's been summer for a good month now but we really haven't done much swimming at all yet! Some sprinkler time but no actual pool really...and now that Brielle can wear sunscreen I'm hoping to hit up the pools and splash pads more often :-) But today Raya had a blast slipping and sliding into summer with Grandma...she called it her "bathtub" and after initially being scared of the pool and slide she was soon hooked and having a ball!

I thought maybe Raya could wear this swimsuit again this year, but alas I think it's time to pack away until Brielle can wear it next summer. It's size 18-24 month and Raya's "little" chunkbutt body had trouble getting that bad boy on!

Brielle seemed to enjoy sitting in the pool with Grandma too....although she was very focused on the water and wouldn't smile and hardly look at me for any pictures, little stinker!

Hugs for Grandma...

Be still my heart....too stinkin' adorable, the both of them!

I got her out of the pool and got some smiles :-)

And of course, some non-pool pictures form today. Brielle *insisted* on wearing this very subtle headband for Grandma, because she knows Grandma likes understated hair pieces :-P

"Seriously? The thing is HUGE people!"

Raya and Grandma were clinking glasses and saying "cheers!" and then drinking water and saying "ahhhhhhhh"   :-)

Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. cute pictures!
    Kaylee likes to cheers with everyone too!


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