Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Today has been a long day.

....and LONG day stands for:

L -- Lots of potty accidents. Miss Raya just gets so confused when we spend weekends away from home, and I can't say I blame her. We tell  her to pee and poop in her pullup when it's inconvienent to take her potty, but then at home she struggles because she gets so used  to going  in her pull up. And she has to wear a pullup at my mom's, rather than panties, so I think that confuses her  too and she gets lazy.

O -- One sick  little girl. Raya acted especially tired yesterday and today woke up with a snotty nose, etc. I think she's getting a cold. That means lots of snot, all caked in her hair and smeared all over me and everything else. Yuck.

N -- No coffee this morning, followed by a horrible caffiene withdrawal headache! I  was busy and didn't get my coffee made this morning, and thought a  diet coke would serve the same purpose. I was wrong. Horrible  pounding headache all morning and ended up having to nap with the girls this afternoon and take a bunch of tylenol to get rid of it.

G -- Guy said our house smelled like dog! The realtor said that one of the people who looked at the house this weekend reported that he thought the house smelled like dog. I  think it probably did smell kinda musty, because we were out of town so the house was all shut up for like 5 days and normally before a showing I get everything freshened up. Oh well. On the other hand, the lady who ran our open house on Sunday called our realtor to tell him she thought our house showed beautifully and she was impressed with our staging and cleanliness haha. Obviously her  and sensitive smell man have differences of opinion :-P

Thankfully tomorrow is another day--it can only  get better! haha

And despite the headaches of the day, I was still happy to be  home with the girls.

My mom likes to give me a hard time about dressing the girls. Even though she's the same one who says "Shawna, they don't need anymore clothes!!" she also throws a fit when Brielle wears hand-me-downs or clothes with any fading haha. I  usually buy Raya all the new stuff and figure Brielle will have it filter down, and then every once in awhile I buy Brielle something new. Well today Grandma called to say she bought Brielle something new needless  to say I  have a feeling that Grandma will be horrified by these pictures from this morning where Raya is dressed up and Brielle is in a boring old onesie :-P

You know your daughter  is  getting older when you start to wish you could borrow her  clothes haha

This little tank is a size 4 in big girl sizes (not 4T) and it's one of the ones I had gotten for like $3 on sale at the outlet mall. However, while everything I bought looks huge right now for the most part, this tank seems to run small (which is why I got a big girl size!)...but she STILL can wear it now! haha. I think it'll still  fit fine next  year too though b/c it's nice and long ...but  paired with her denim leggings today so was rocking the look, don't you think? :-)

Notice Brielle looking on pitifully in the background while I photograph big sister haha.
Grandma is going to kill me for this one!

The snot  just kept coming and coming today....ewww

While Raya napped I tried to make it up to Brielle by giving her a photoshoot of her very own :-)

"Mama, you're crazy if you think  these pictures will satisfy Grandma...I mean, you didn't even give me a hair pretty!!!"

Am I the only one who thinks, looking at these pictures, that Brielle has really been changing in looks lately?! She seems to be getting so "fair"...I wonder if she'll turn blonde?!

Sometimes I just sit and watch Brielle play with her toys. It's so funny to look at things through the eyes of a 6 month old. She is just fascinated with EVERYTHING!

After Raya's nap her hair was matted with snot so I just gathered it up and put it in a ponytail until bath time--add a big bow and she's good as new! ;-) Of course we needed new pants too, with all the peeing and all.

That's about all I have for tonight. Need to go make a couple things for Brielle's pictures on Friday and then hopefully get a couple Etsy orders done before the weekend. Busy, busy! Happy Wednesday everyone :-)



  2. well hopefully you have a better day tomorrow, hope Miss Raya feels better soon.

    Don't feel bad about the hand me downs Brielle, Keira is in the same boat!! Brielle is adorable


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