Sunday, July 31, 2011

Whoooooo's there?

Well for one, this little owl friend of ours who was hanging in the front yard the other evening. Lee snapped  his picture :-)

Whoooooo else is here you ask?


^^ See this nifty graph? My blog automatically track how many people/views my blog gets daily/weekly/monthly. As you can see there has been a steady increase of readers since I began (well, except for June when either I was really boring or all of you were on vacation :-) ....I'm now getting thousands of views every month. Hello, Mrs. Personality here :-)   Or should I say Miss PersonalitIES, because we know you're all here because of the girls--not me haha.

Ok, now that we've established  that me = cool, I would  like you to look  at the right hand side of my blog. See where it says "followers"? I  sadly only have 24 followers :-(  ...although the ones I have are super cool and I love you! :-) But that means I have at least 100s of people who read secretly and don't follow me. You're probably  thinking to yourself "why is Shawna so nosey?! Can't I just read in peace...why do I have to "follow" her?!"  Well here's the thing. If I really do have that many regular readers I would love to start offering you all more giveaways!!! (Other than my own Etsy stuff). Normally though store owners don't  like doing giveaways on blogs that don't have 100s of followers--it's an advertising t hing :-) So  if I  could  get more followers then I could take my blog to the next level of awesomeness! Follow me so far?

So stroke my ego, make me feel  special, follow me!!!!!!!!!! You don't even have to use your real name--use a code name for all I care. I am not going to hunt you down, I just want more followers haha. If you don't have an account to follow me with you can create one in about one second....and never use it again for all I care. See a theme here? I just want followers! :-) And you have  to follow me publicly....none of the private following stuff, b/c then you don't show up as an official follower.

Ready, set, FOLLOW!

As added incentive I will surely be doing another giveaway from my own Etsy shop before long, and  I promise to provide a super  cool bonus if you are a follower BEFORE my next giveaway.

(and on another note, I appologize if you follow me or comment on my blog and I can't return the favor on yours. For some reason I am unable to comment on blogs unless they have the "annoymous" option, which many don't. Don't ask me why I'm having issues with that....I have no idea, but it's driving me crazy. LOL)

And to end, here is a blog that *I* have recently discovered and am completely in love  with:     Seriously, the first entry about the yogurt--she lives my life haha.  But  I could totally related to pretty much every single entry she's totally have to check  it out!

Oh, and I can't  forget to pimp my Etsy shop  is the completed pig  outfit:

And then this was a custom order from a repeat customer...I  thought it turned out very cute so I listed it in my store!

Later everyone! And what do you pinky  swear to do for me? FOLLOW ME!! :-)   Thanks.


  1. Yippee!!!! Thanks :-)

    See how easy that was everyone? You do it too!


  2. If you figure out how to get people to follow, let me know! I've got the same problem... and have been stuck at 31 followers for a month now! Ugh!

  3. Mary, you mean begging, pleading, and bribing doesn't work? haha :-)


  4. Love that owl pic Lee took, it looks like a picture not a real bird!!! Also love the yogurt story, sounds familiar!!!!!!
    Grama F

  5. Ok, Officially following. Altho' I've been an unofficial follower for over 6 months :-)


  6. Shawna, When I try to sign in to follow it says I already have an account, is that yours?

  7. I'll have to look when I come home's possible it's mine somehow.

    Thanks Anu!


  8. OK, I must be really dumb but I don't know how to follow. Amy Marcov

  9. haha...not dumb! Look on the right hand side of my blog, under Brielle's picture. It says "My Followers" and then underneath it says "join this site"...if you click on that it should allow you to "follow" me :-)

    ...someone let me know if that doesn't work!!


  10. apparently if it doesn't show up you might have to refresh the page a couple of times before it displays under MY FOLLOWERS.


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