Saturday, July 23, 2011

Who's your favorite?

It's a competition around here lately getting Raya to tell us who her "favorite" person is. Usually she says "Mama", but sometimes she'll say Grandma or Daddy. However it's clear who her TRUE favorite person is, and that is cousin Sawyer--her beloved "so so". She talks about him daily, when she walks by his picture she points to him and says "Mama, I like So So", and when I tell her she gets to actually play with So So she about loses her mind with excitement! This morning was one of those exciting times...and she waited at the door saying "Mama, I give So So a big hug!" ....and when he arrived that's just what she did. And she continued to hug and kiss on him most of the morning.

Sawyer, I are clearly her true "Favorite"

The girl is going to be in 7th heaven when we move back here and she can see Sawyer more often!

I can't remember what they were doing here....I think it had
something to do with animals being in their ears or something LOL
Then Shawna did some "glamour shots" for the toddler crowd :-P

After Sawyer went home Lee and I took the girls into the park. We had planned to go swimming at the wading pool, but it was closed--I think because the storm last night had blown leaves and stuff in it and they hadn't gotten it clean yet. So instead we just played at the park.

Brielle experienced her first park swing ride!!!

Raya HATES these swings. Pretty much has since she was 1 year old. Brielle seemed to like them ok so far...she even fell asleep a couple times haha.

The breeze from the swinging made her close her eyes hehe

^^ One second after this picture was taken Raya crashed to the ground (Daddy did not catch her!) and she screamed her head off. Good one Daddy.

Here Lee is trying to convince Raya to try a big swing with him. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee Daddy!

She decided to give it a try!

The park adventure exhausted poor Brielle :-)


  1. so cute! love that first pic of Raya & So So.
    Lovin brielle's chubby cheeks

  2. Great pics!!! I just love that first pic with Sawyer and Raya, the look on her face says it all!!! I also love that last pic of my pretty pretty Brielle!!


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